Upright Magnetic Bikes – Why Choose This Type Of Exercise Bike

Why should any purchase an upright magnetic bike when the newer recumbent bikes are saturating the market at similar price ranges? This a question that many people ask, as they assume that when something new comes out it is somehow better than what was offered before. The fact is upright bikes may be one of the oldest forms of home exercise, but they are in no way inferior to the newer recumbent style frames.

In fact, many people still favor an upright magnetic resistance bike even after trying out a recumbent for awhile. The position of the recumbent bike may be a little more comfortable than most uprights, but they also are lower impact and do not offer as much toning benefit to the body. An upright bike will work not only your legs, but your core and upper body as well as you balance on top of the seat.

Upright magnetic exercise bikes are also much closer to the experience of riding an actual bike outdoors. There are even some models now that will allow you to ride in race position and some include race style handlebars to help with this.

In addition, this type of bike will deliver a great workout without taking up as much room in your home. The stretched out design of a recumbent bike requires extra space, but an upright bike is more compact and can be easily tucked into a corner or other less obvious spot in your home.

If you want the increased intensity of an upright bike but have physical or medical problems that require extra back support or less lower body strain, try the Stamina Magnetic Fusion 7200 Recumbent Bike. It is designed like a recumbent but the seat is up a little straighter so it mimics the upright bike position at the same time.

Semi-recumbent bikes are actually becoming more popular to combine the benefits of each type of frame for what may very well be the ultimate indoor biking experience ever.

If you do not specifically need a recumbent bike and have serious fitness or weight loss goals you are determined to meet, then an upright magnetic bike is going to deliver the smooth, quiet, yet effectively intense workouts that you need. They will take up less room in your home all the while offering all the features you can find on a recumbent without reducing the muscle-building tension that biking is supposed to create for your body.