Uppp & Laup Snoring Surgery Methods

Surgery for snoring is only recommended if and only if, there’s no other possible way to cure snoring. A person suffering from snoring should treat surgery as the very last resort of remedy and if previous natural remedies have been tried and tested and still no plausible results have occurred; it is logical to turn to this method.

Another reason why surgery for snoring shouldn’t be taken as the immediate solution for snoring problems, is because not all types of snoring originates from the palate. Palatal snoring is different compared to the one caused by the tongue. The surgery is called palatal surgery and unless snoring is caused from this part of the mouth, surgery shouldn’t be done.

What palatal surgery does is to mainly prevent the breakdown of the oropharyngeal segment which is the area found around the throat. Removing the tonsils and reducing the palate area is the objective of this surgery to make sure that there are no other obstructions for breathing. Sometimes, surgeons also result to the removal of the uvula in the mouth which is also known as the chief vibratory tissue.

There are four basic surgical procedures done. But the first two surgeries are almost the same. First is the Uvulopalatopharyngoplasty or also called UPPP which is the method of removing the uvula and pharyngeal arches, the soft area of the palate and sometimes even the tonsils. This method is done using general anaesthetic. This sometimes causes complications later on.

LAUP or the Laser-Assisted Uvuloplatoplasty is the reverse version of UPPP. It also uses general anaesthetic but it’s less expensive compared to the previous method. Also, tonsils are not removed through LAUP but similar to UPPP, post-operative pains are still present. Its main medium is laser. The good thing about this procedure in its overall aspect is that it can be repeated up to four times until desired results are achieved.

Though there are similarities between two, mainly it’s the post-operative pain that’s crucial. Be aware of other complications this can cause you and don’t forget to check a medical expert’s advice about this before resorting to it.