Upgrading the Engagement Ring

Can I Upgrade the Ring?

If you are considering purchasing an engagement ring but are on a budget, keep in mind that you can always upgrade the ring at a later time. In fact, most couples choose to upgrade the ring for an important anniversary or milestone that they set.

There are several things that you can do when you upgrade the ring. The first one is to keep the same ring, but add more stones, add a different setting or adjust the stone that you already have. The second thing to do is to purchase a whole new stone. And the third is to convert the ring that you currently have into another piece of jewelry, such as a necklace. Here is some advice to help you make the best decision, no matter which one you go for:

1. Upgrading the same ring:
If you choose to keep the same ring and diamond, then you should know that there are several options for the upgrade. The first option, and the most popular, is to have a jeweler install stones on the band of the ring. You can install just about any kind of stone in any design that you desire. The second most popular upgrade is to integrate the wedding band with the engagement ring. This usually means fusing the two items, but you can also opt to have another wedding band made that adds a level of high design.

2. If you were unable to purchase an expensive stone the first time you gave your wife her engagement ring, then now is the time to take that stone and give it an upgrade. You can keep the same ring and the same setting, but purchase either a larger stone or a stone with higher quality. Purchasing a more expensive stone will increase the value of your ring (so you should also notify your insurance company of the change.)

3. If you upgrade the stone, then many couples choose to keep the old stone, but turn it into another type of jewelry, such as a necklace. If you purchased a three-stone engagement ring, then make the larger stone into a necklace and the two smaller stones into diamond-stud earrings. You can add additional stones and dress the piece up more as well.

The most important thing to remember when upgrading your engagement ring is that the piece of jewelry is a testament to the love that you and your wife share. Take the ownership and upgrading of it as seriously as you take the commitment that you share.

Source: https://positivearticles.com