Unravelling The Mystery Of Life

“Accident is the name of the greatest of all inventors.” Mark Twain

I thought I understood. But then the veil of what I thought I understood was lifted and I came to know the profound truth. I knew very little about hardly anything.

Shall I explain?

I think I became concussed for a decade, walking around in a fog that began when I fell, headfirst, from fourteen feet.

It’s fair to say that on that day, it wasn’t just my skull that got smashed. My whole life shattered. It was then that I entered the time warp – a period where I thought I understood things, but clearly didn’t.

Following the tragedy I thought I’d been reborn. In a sense I guess I had. The illusions of my life shattered and I realized that: marriage didn’t always last forever, accidents do happen, death could arrive at any moment and some people find honesty difficult.

You could say, I woke up. But then I might say, ‘Yes, but only to a new sleep’.

The reason I might say this is that my thoughts were building new references to a new reality where I thought I had all the answers. Meantime my nervous system was rewiring and endeavoring to dull down my already hurt feelings.

In my new reality I had doubts. I had fears. I had trust issues. I often couldn’t be bothered. I listened to music at full volume. I watched too much TV – even programmes that didn’t entertain me. Sometimes the stereo and the TV would be on together. I drank too much on occasions and overate.

And for a time, all the noise and stuff in my life took over.

But then this veil – this decade of concussion lifted and I could see the benefits of this whole experience. I could see how I’d been born into an illusion where security and permanence of structure and stability existed.

Beyond that I could then see how disillusion of fear and failure and insecurity.

Having seen both sides of my opposite I came to the conclusion that all I needed to do now, was decide what I liked best and create a new illusion.

It’s hard to see through the noise and stuff and it can be hard to decide what you want your idea of life, your illusion to be about, especially when life turned tough.

When things go wrong, it’s hard to not blame, either yourself or others. It’s often impossible to see the blessing in times of hardship. We can, and do, beat ourselves up. Make ourselves feel less.

But I, and I hope you, will see when you look back at the time warp of your life, that a very special person passed through the adventure of our life and had some pretty awesome experiences.

When we take the time to identify with that passing person and see them as us and understand what’s been happening we can begin to understand what’s unfolded in our life. When we know that we will understand how to straighten out any kinks.

Sometimes situations begin, as mine did, with an accident. That accident could be looked at as a curse or a blessing. When you look at it as a curse, the future clouds over. When you look at it as a blessing, the canvas is clean and the future is hopeful.

Recently I was working with someone who told me how his life was a mess. Yet following the events of his life, I could see clearly it wasn’t. It was a tapestry of amazing events, all orchestrated to guide him. Yet he’d been missing the guidance and was therefore in pain.

When I unraveled the mystery he’d been living, I saw him relax and put his hand on his chin. He wagged his finger at me, but couldn’t find words. And then he smiled and I knew he had, at last seen through his mist.

From that moment on he was enabled to recreate his illusion, to begin to make of life whatever he wanted.

Understanding and hope is what he took away from our session. His life had unfolded. His future begun.

With love and good wishes