Unraveling the Types of Strategy Board Games

The so-called strategy games ask the players to possess a quick and sharp mind at all times. The games that qualify under this category require a great amount of thinking for the player to bring home the bacon. It is not all about being careful and analytical in terms of every single move that must be made but it also follows that the player exerts a keen observation on all possible attacks that the opponent will blow. More so, the anticipation of future moves should be undertaken as well. This is the very nature of the strategy board games.

The Common Game Categories

With the numerous games in existence these days, you have several options to choose from. The following are the categories that call for strategic moves and quick thinking. Find out which intrigues you more.

War Strategy Games. In this modern age, the war games are more likely related to the video games that are on sale in several stores. Some common examples are WarCraft, Counter Strike, and Red Alert, among others. What the general public may not truly know is that long before these video games came into being, the act of strategizing was firstly applied in the board games. By simply tracing back time, the ancient game called Go used much of this process.

In fact, the Chinese tribal warlords utilized it in their maps as they planned out their attacks. Come to think of it, war and strategy are closely related. Before the soldiers will be driven out into the field, the generals will first brief them of their strategic attack. Examples of war strategy games are Backgammon, Game of the Generals, Stratego, and Battleship.

Investor Games. Monopoly is a popular example that falls under this category. It is a game that features the actual world of the real estate such as investing, buying, selling, and banking. Even when there is a dice that maneuvers the fate of the player, the game still requires a good deal of strategizing so as to win over the rival player.

Crime and Investigator Games. Clue stands as the best representative of which. The players will have to spot the murderer among themselves. It may be complex yet it is twice the fun. There are series of lies, confusion, and secrecy which pose more challenge. The players should be able to think really well before they get killed by their opponents.

Other Popular Games to Play

Strategy games are simply what the name states. They require foresight. The other games that top the list are the following:

Chess. Having acquired an international status, many people wish to learn the trades of the game. Every move counts so the player must anticipate the possible attacks of the opponent. He must make sure that the important pawns are not captured.

Mahjong. It might be surprising but this game has its philosophical and spiritual roots.

Cribbage. This is one of the very unusual board games because it actually uses cards. The board is there to track the scores.

Sudoku. The grid must be filled in with the numbers 1 up to 9 by only using the number once for every section.

Go game. It is like chess in some ways except that it utilizes simpler pieces like the black and white stones.

There is a close link between the capacity to foresee a future outcome with the present situation. That is why, if you do intend to play the strategy board games, you must have a strong presence of mind.

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