Unlocking The “Genius Within You”

Everyone has their own “Intuitive Genius,” Whether you are a man, women or child, we all have this ability. However, we’ve never been taught how to use it and it’s very rarely modeled in the home or in our society.

How many times have you had a great idea that just seemed to “come to you.” That idea came from the part of you that has an abundance of creativity and knows what will work and how to “get you what you want.” We very rarely talk about or acknowledge that part of ourselves the way we focus on the intellectual side. Acknowledging that part and learning how to access it “at will” will go a very long way in helping you to make extremely successful personal and business decisions.

How Can You Learn To Access Your “Intuitive Genius” At Will?

Using your “intuitive knowing” is a skill that can be learned and developed. The way to enhance this skill is to use it. It’s like a muscle that you want to build, the more you use it the stronger it gets. A good exercise to enhance your “intuitive skill” is to practice using it more in your everyday life. Most of the time we rely on the facts, our prior experiences, and on what someone else tells us as information to make whatever decisions need to be made. Often people do use their “sense of things,” but mostly I think people rely on the information they are given. Now is a good opportunity to become aware of your “inner knowledge,” to begin listening to it and following its direction. This information is “GOLDEN” and will always lead you in the direction of success and well-being.

Do you get a certain feeling or sense of a situation, but don’t always trust or take action on “what you know?”

A good example of this is when you have a feeling or a knowing about something but you tend not to listen to it. It’s almost as if you’re not sure that what you’re feeling is real, or you haven’t learned to trust your intuitive feelings so you don’t listen to them. Most of the time we learn by experience to listen to that “quiet voice” that’s telling us which direction to take. We learn to listen to it because we realize it’s always right.

Do you have a “good sense” of things, but your mind chatter gets in the way and tells you something different?

This is very common and seems to be a part of “being human.” The way to master not allowing your mind to get in the way or cause you confusion or upset is to learn how to manage your mind’s conversation. This will give you control over it instead of it having control over you. Observation, consciously turning down the volume of the conversation in your mind, doing something that will distract you from listening, realizing it’s just a programmed tape playing that’s not real, and my favorite, “singing my favorite song” so I can’t hear it! Any of the above will work great, and when you don’t listen or focus on what your mind is saying, the conversation will just disappear. Whatever you focus on expands, so when you move your attention away from your mind’s conversation, it really becomes almost non-existent.

Have you ever watched other people make extremely successful business and personal decisions and wondered–“how did they do that?”

One of two things is happening, either they are naturally programmed to succeed, they just can’t help it, or they are tapped into their own “Intuitive Genius” and they can smell, feel, hear and touch success. So they are making their choices based on what they intuitively know about any given situation. Whenever you make a choice based on your own “intuitive wisdom” you are always going in the direction of success.

Have you tapped into your “Intuitive Genius”, but it’s still a mystery how you got there, or how to get back?

The first step is to decide you are going to use your “intuitive knowing.” Mostly it’s important to relax and let go, the answers are right there. Let go of the way you usually get information (through your mind) and allow your “inner voice” to be heard. This is the information that will best support you to make successful business and personal decisions.

Somewhere in our hearts we always know the best choices to make, but our intellectual programming tends to get in the way and tell us something different. All our beliefs, things people have taught us, fears we have, wanting to be approved of, and a whole list of reasons why it’s sometimes just easier to listen to what your “mind” is telling you vs. listening your “heart” and what it’s telling you. The solution is to learn how to be masterful at “following your heart.” That’s where you will find your “Intuitive Genius.”