Unlock the Hidden Steps to Signing On a New Client

To begin, we call upon the clarity of our niche target market, and make sure we’ve got the decks cleared of any doubt or fear that might be trying to sneak in. Then we set up a system for what we offer, how we speak about what we offer and how we create relationships with those that want to work with us (aka, gain the commitment).

This system is of UTMOST importance. You would be surprised how many people ‘wing it.’ Now, with that being said, it’s also important this system is natural to you-that’s why YOU need to develop it. 🙂

Let’s go over the steps that you want to be sure you cover when developing or honing your EnergyRICH Offering System.

Step 1: Be clear about exactly whom your message is for and what their challenge is.

Step 2: Clearly articulate this: “I [power action word] with these kind of clients who have this kind of challenge.”

Step 2a: You prepare your energy. Remind yourself what a joy it is to do what you do and here is an opportunity to connect with someone about it! Yay! How exciting!

Step 3: Easy scheduling of initial connection (part of operations). I call this a “Get-to-Know” call. This is an opportunity for you to hear more about what they are looking for and to see if the work that you do makes sense for them.

Step 4: Reminder goes out about this initial meeting.

Step 4a: You prepare yourself to truly connect with this person. It is an opportunity to serve from your highest place, from your heart, to share joyfully.

Step 5: You have this initial chat where you verify their challenges and IF you can help them, emphasize this with a story, “This was a client who came to me. They had this frustrating challenge. I implemented my service. These were the results.”

Step 6: You present your offerings very clearly with more than one option of how they can work with you.

Step 7: You ASK which option connects with them.

Step 8: You ASK when they would like to get started.

Step 9: You set the start date.

Step 10: You reserve their appointment with payment information.

Whala! Yay! We have a wonderful, new client that we are so joyful about having the opportunity to serve. Weee!

EnergyRICH Call To Action:

Begin to craft your offering system. Take yourself through the whole process from the moment you speak about what you do, to the moment you gain a new client relationship. Write it out in as much detail as possible. Include dialogue and any other sensory details that will make this very real for you.