Unleash Your Desires…From Here to Reality

Are you ready to unleash your deepest desires? The time is now.

Everyone is born with desire. Desire is the impulse of life and a spiritual gift that lives in your heart.

Desire sparks the flow and expansion of life through you. It is the power that calls forth that which you desire into your life. It enables you to be the conscious creator of your life.

Yet many fear and hesitate to desire. Others desire but go no further and their desires become only fantasy. And there are those who desire and then experience their desires as the reality of their lives.

What is it that this third group knows and does that takes them from desire to reality?

This is what they know. They know that what they desire already exists. There is nothing that you desire in your heart that you cannot be, do, have or experience. The desire itself is the power that brings it to you.

This group of desire manifesters also knows that there is more to experiencing the reality of their desires than desire alone.

It is easy to sabotage, weaken and work against your own true desires by doubting, dismissing or disbelieving them. Or by being distracted by and filling the space with things that compete with them.

So they take action, both inner and outer.

This is what they do. They acknowledge their desire, claim it as truth and give thanks for it. In practice this ignites your desire and releases it to the universe which is always conspiring to bring what you desire in your heart into the reality of your life.

They also think, feel and act in harmony with their desire and make space in their lives for the coming reality of it.

Thinking in harmony with your desire includes fully expecting that it will come to fruition. Live with the feeling of it in your body and the energetic package of who you are will be transmuted to a perfect match.

Acting in favor of your desire and making space for it are testimony of your intention to have it and your willingness to receive it. These also build your own belief and confidence in your ability to be successful.

And last but far from least – when what you desire arrives in your life, say “yes” quickly and embrace it fully.

Step Into Your Greatness! Unleash Your Desires…