Unleash the Incredible Power of Your Subconscious

I would like to discuss about the power of your subconscious mind, and what you could do to literally use it to attain unlimited success.

But first, let me tell you that your mind power is only limited by the belief you’ve assigned to it.

You’ve probably heard of the elephant who was chained at a corner since birth. Even if the chain was removed, it is still bound by its belief that it cannot escape.

Or how about the teacher who was assigned to teach a group of students who are considered to possess below average IQ. The teacher was told that the students were the best of the best; and because the teacher believed it to be so, his students became successful in academics.

Or how about the salesman who was assigned in an area where sales are considered to be “impossible.” He was told by his boss that the area was the most responsive one there is, so the salesman made lots of sales because of his mindset.

You see, nothing beats the power of your mind. They say, “See it to believe it.” But what they didn’t know is that “When you believe it, you’ll see it.”

Believe that you will attain what you aim for, see it clearly in your mind, and your subconscious will make sure you get it.

So how do you make sure your subconscious will respond willingly to your requests?

You have to treat your subconscious like a close friend. Love it. Respect it. Talk to it often. And never forget to thank it for always being there for you.

When you encounter an idea block, tell your subconscious, “Hey subconscious. Please help me to think of a solution to this..”

When you feel weak or unmotivated, tell your subconscious, “Subconscious, fire me up inside and give me that super energy to finish all my tasks for the day.”

When you actually do this, you have to believe it. If you don’t, you’ll end up unsuccessful. As a result, you might criticize or complain against your subconscious. That will make matters even worse.

So be kind to your subconscious. Ask graciously for your request. Believe that you have already received it. Picture yourself already reaping the fruits. And you will ultimately attain it.