Unknown Talent

Now last week in the blog I talked about young talented people who have already achieved great things or have unbelievable talents but haven’t been noticed or got the attention that they deserved. This blog I want to talk about the talents that people have which are unknown to even themselves.

As no one person on this earth has enough time to try everything there is in the world many people live their lives without knowing what hidden talents they possess and I’m not talking about superhuman hidden powers like the X-Men or Spiderman. This is why I really feel strongly about young people challenging themselves and trying their hands at as many different things as possible.

When I was young the school I went to were always arranging trips to go and do things like bowling, ice skating, skiing and a whole manner of things which I wouldn’t have probably done if it hadn’t been for school arranging the trips. When we went on these trips most of the time no one in the group had done the activity before but there was always one that picked it up first or was better than everyone else.

It would then annoy me when the said person who was good didn’t then pursue the activity or try a few more times to see if it was for them. I always remember thinking to myself I wish I could bowl a strike like him or I wish I could skate like her. Some youngsters would love for things like that to come naturally to them but to see people who could actually do it not caring really use to get me wound up.

So my message to everyone reading is try as many things you can and if you find yourself doing well at something to begin with then investigate pursuing it. Even if you are not sure it is always great to have another talent or skill under your hat. If you don’t find something coming naturally but you like the activity don’t panic the people that can pick things up naturally are in the minority and you can be just as good or even better than you peers with a bit of practise and a lot of determination.

Adam Sibley
Founder of the Talented Young People organisation