Unique Ways To Say I Love You: 3 Unusually Touching Ways To Express Your Love

People have been saying “I love you” to their loved ones countless times that the whole concept has become a little boring. However, with these unique ways to say I love you to your special someone, you’ll be able to keep the relationship fresh and exciting.

1) Say it in a different language.

One of the unique ways to say I love you is by using another language. Try something that’s not so common.

You might want to say “Te amo” and then smile mysteriously when she asks you what it means. In Chinese, you can say “Wo ai ni.” In German, you might want to try “Ich Liebe Diche.” Of course, you should do your research and find out exactly how these words are to be pronounced.

2) Say it out of the blue.

There are moments when saying I love you is expected. Are you two enjoying a romantic boat ride together? Naturally, you’re supposed to say I love you some time during the experience.

However, it would also be wonderful to say it out of the blue. For example, is your partner washing the dishes? Or is he or she driving the car? Saying I love you out of the blue makes a person’s reaction more genuine and heartfelt.

3) Shout it out loud.

One of the most expressive and unique ways to say I love you is by shouting it out loud, and telling it to the world. If you’re the adventurous and bold type, this should be easy for you.

You can call attention to everyone around you and shout your loved one’s name, followed by a very passionate “I love you” to him or her. Or you can stay on top of a building and proclaim your affections for the whole city to hear.

There are many unique ways to say I love you. Don’t stick with the stereotype and look for ways to make your relationship exciting.