Unique Ways to Boost your Metabolism

In my previous articles I have discussed that you can boost your metabolism by making changes to your lifestyle, by improving your exercise routine and by altering your diet. These three factors are key components which affect your metabolic rate. However, with our increasingly busy day to day lives it can often be difficult to find the time or space to make such changes. In this article I discuss some creative ways in which you can incorporate adjustments in these areas without having a significant impact on your day to day routine.

Now I am going to assume that most people viewing this article work full time. If so, this can be a huge obstacle to our metabolism boosting efforts. Most working environments promote inactivity and provide easy access to unhealthy foods including crisps, chocolate and cake. However, with a little imagination the workplace can be a great place to increase your metabolic rate. Below I have outlined three areas in which you can rev up your metabolism whilst working:

1) TRAVELLING TO AND FROM WORK:- For many of us the daily commute involves a bus, train or car journey. However, is this really neccessary? If you can travel to and from work on foot or on a bicycle then you really should do it, even if you have to get out of bed half an hour earlier. You will get in some valuable exercise which will help boost your metabolism plus you should save a little money.

2) EATING AT WORK:- As I mentioned above there is an increased temptation to eat unhealthy foods in most workplaces. Often the foods that are most convenient (chocolate, cakes, crisps etc) are the ones that are most damaging to your metabolism. The best way to avoid these tempting and convenient foods is to plan what you are going to eat each day in the workplace. Either find a place where you can get hold of some healthy food during work or prepare your food beforehand and bring it to the workplace with you. Having the occasional cake will not harm your metabolic rate significantly but to realise overall improvements you will need to alter your eating habits.

3) EXERCISING AT WORK:- At first glance this seems like a difficult one. However, there a number of opportunities in most workplaces which lend themselves to exercise. Your lunch break is the perfect time to go for a walk, or if long enough to have a quick gym session. If a lot of your work involves sitting at a desk try some desk exercises (a number of which I detail in my Free Fitness Tips Email Course). Finally, take every opportunity throughout the day to remain active. If someone in your department needs someone to visit another department volunteer to make the walk, take stairs instead of elevators and if time permits try and take a slightly longer route to your destination.

Apart from work, children are a large part of many people’s lives. It is essential that we spend time with our children in order to cultivate a positive relationship. With a little creative thinking this time can also be a great way to increase your metabolic rate by exercising. Below I have outlined a few ways that you can spend time with your children and get some useful exercise:

1) BALL SPORTS:- Basketball, football and soccer are all fantastic sports which allow you to connect with your children. They are also great ways to build up a sweat and burn some calories. You can play in your back yard or even head over to the local park. All you need is a ball.

2) PLAY FIGHTING:- Young children in particular enjoy play fighting. By chasing your kids you will get some cardiovascular exercise and if you lift them up you will get some weight training benefits too. Play fighting can be done in the house or in the back yard.

3) SWIMMING:- Teaching your children to swim is a great way to bond by helping them learn a valuable life skill. It is also a great way to tone your muscles and get some cardiovascular exercise.

As you can see our day to day routine throws up a number of challenges to our metabolism boosting efforts. However, with a little creative thinking we can still perform our important daily activities whilst increasing our metabolic rate. Careful planning and thought can allow you to modify your diet and exercise habits in the majority of the situations that your daily life entails, ultimately leading to an improved metabolism.