Understanding Why Customers Will Buy Your eBooks

Copyright 2006 Jeff Smith

What does it really take to package your knowledge for profit into your own Special Report, ebook, hard-copy book or even audio product?

Amazingly enough, its not about the writing or packaging skills, and its not about being the smartest in your market, but rather, its all about understanding 3 critical skills of information product marketing.

OK, you may wonder, why not just let your fingers do the tapping and belt out 20 pages of content each night and voila, you’ll have your own ebook.

Not quite, this approach often leads to failure, frustration and ultimately a waste of your valuable time.

Great ebooks and information publishing businesses require some initial planning to set the stage for really significant sales.


Yes, generating a full-time income publising your own ebooks and informational “how to” products is not only a viable home business option, but a very powerful option indeed.

Understanding what a given market wants and quickly turning that desire for information into ebooks is a very lucrative, long-term business that continues to roll along nicely after you have released your products.

Here are 3 steps great ebook writers use to produce high value, hot selling information products:

1. Uncover Passionate Markets. Did you know that there is a highly active, large adult Lego society that spend small fortunes on Lego and Lego information? How about BBQ owners, I know more than a few passionate grillers. Golfers, now don’t even get me started!

Passionate markets are extremely important because it gives you a very clear target of individuals who have been proven to purchase based entirely on emotion.

How do you find them?

Look around you. Passionate markets exist everywhere – its a matter of becoming more alert to them. Musicians, iPodders, Blackberry crazies, bloggers, wine lovers, just to name a few.

2. Understand What They Want. Before you can write an ebook that will generate huge demand and publicity, you need to pick a topic that really excites your chosen market. Here are a few ways to discover what they want:

– how do they get more out of their passion (ex. list of top iPod podcasts for aspiring entrepreneurs)

– locate most common questions your market has, you’ll find signals by talking with your market, tapping into online discussion forums, reading magazines, etc…

– offer a minicourse and build a list of a few hundred subscribers which you can then survey to get their opinion on information they want.

– use keyword analysis tools to look for combinations of keywords that give clues as to what information your market is looking for

Organizing your information product to address a specific desire within your target market is an essential step to achieving your own 100K information publishing business.

3. Develop A Highly Effective Infoproduct Outline. The highly effective formula outlined by Steve Manning in his “How You Can Write Your Book On Anything In 14 Days Or Less…Guaranteed!” over at: http://www.highertrustmarketing.com/part/14days/ is based on organizing your outline in bite-sized blocks that completely erase writer’s block, and make it drop-dead simple to fit your writing into 10 or 15-minute blocks for those who lead busy lives.

This is critical to speed writing, turning your information product development into an easily achievable objective that you can fit into a regular day without giving up your friends, family or second career.

You may have the best idea for a product in the world, if you can’t get it out quickly, you’ll never realize your dreams.

After all…spending a few weeks writing an ebook that sells hundreds of copies per month is not a bad investment – especially when you are still earning leveraged income from that week’s effort a year from now.


Of course, the best advice in the world means nothing if not put into practice, but becoming an information publishing entrepreneur is much easier than you may have first thought.

By preparing your information publishing business for success through identifying hot markets, uncovering what they want, and structuring your writing to be fast and simple, you will have a truly unfair advantage over your competition.

Better yet, you are now only weeks away from earning your own online fortune with information products – if you take action now.