Understanding Types Of Rose Gardens

Roses are a rage. Whichever country you go, whichever part of the globe you trek, a rose has a universal appeal across cultures. Let us discuss the intricacies of this beautiful flower, from a horticulturist’s point of view. Roses can be classified in several types and so can rose gardens.

Gardens can have rose species from the genus Rosa. These look very attractive because these rose flowers can grow to be big in varying colors of white, red, or pink.

Old European Garden Roses are hybrids that were popular before the Rosa chine sis took prime place of beauty in the 18th century. The good old garden rose, humble yet popular, is perfect for new gardens.

It weathers extreme cold very well, can be resistant to many rose diseases, looks lovely when it blooms and emits a heady fragrance.

New age roses, better known as modern roses a man-made variety made from a cross bred tea rose. Several rose gardens contain such roses along with a selection of shrub roses. These are popular because they look pretty, are tough and durable, and very tolerant of most types of rose diseases.

If you feel particularly adventurous, you might commission a botanist to cross-breed and create your own distinct type of rose. It will cost a small fortune but it will be worth the extra cost. Organized in various and varied types, a rose in any incarnation rules the world of the flowers.

That truth never changes.

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