Understanding The Very Early Symptom Of Pregnancy

How good are you in detecting the very early symptom of pregnancy? Some women come to know about their pregnancy the moment they are fertilized while others come to know it’s time to celebrate after noticing the symptoms. Then there are others who can do neither. They need to go to their doctor after missing their period. In which category do you fall into?

Here is a brief elaboration of the very early symptom of pregnancy so that you are the first one to spread the good news.

Morning Sickness

This is the most common very early symptom of pregnancy. You feel like throwing up after eating something during the day or waking up in the morning.

Enlarged and Sore Breasts

This very early symptom of pregnancy is similar to the one you experience just before your period. It occurs due to the alteration in the hormone levels in your body. Your breasts become sensitive and tender. This is going to last for a short period of time until your body gets used to the raging hormones.

Frequent Urination

Be prepared for frequent visits to the bathroom. Again, the change in the level of hormone is responsible for this every early symptom of pregnancy. Here, with the implantation of embryo in your uterus, a hormone known as “human chorionic gonadotropin” (hCG) is released, which is believed to be the culprit behind your frequent visits.


One again, the changed hormone chemistry in your body is going to take a toll on you. You are going to feel extremely tired even without indulging in excess physical activity. It is an indication for your body to rest more, as it prepares for developing your baby. However, at times, the exhaustion may be due to some other reasons. Usually, this very early symptom of pregnancy gets over as soon as your body gets accustomed to the new levels of hormone. But, if your fatigue persists for too long, then it is better to call your doctor to ensure everything’s alright.

Missed Period

This is the most apparent very early symptom of pregnancy. No woman can ever overlook this sign! Even if you are not able to make out whether you are pregnant through the earlier mentioned symptoms, a missed period is certainly going to make you take notice and rush to your doctor for a pregnancy test. However, if your tests are negative and you still missed your period, then there must be some other reason. It may be either some illness, imbalance of hormone, some adverse reaction due to certain foods, or maybe due to extreme stress.

If you have missed a period, but do not experience any of the very early symptoms of pregnancy, then you should consult your doctor. There might be something else that needs medical attention.

To reduce your anxious moments, go for a pregnancy test as soon as you notice the above-mentioned very early symptoms of pregnancy. Be a well-informed mom-to-be and enjoy your pregnancy!