Understanding the Need of Public Liability Insurance for Businesses

Public liability insurance covers the claims made against the business by the public or any third party, who suffers a loss or injury at the business premises due to the business owner’s negligence.

Many business owners think that their premises are totally secured and don’t consider public liability insurance. But, in reality, no business can operate without a risk. Even small things like a slippery floor, a cable across the floor, etc. can cause significant injury or damage to the other person. Hence, in order not to take chances, every business owner must consider this as an essential policy to protect their business.

Businesses that should consider this insurance: Public liability insurance is not designed for a particular business group. Any business that allows public to enter in to its business premises should consider public liability insurance. Brick and mortar businesses of any size (small, medium and large), right from a home based business, to a big corporate company, all should consider this insurance. Even self-employed professionals like doctors, lawyers, accountants, etc., can protect their businesses from third party liability claims using this policy.

Coverage offered by the policy: In general, liability insurance policies are customized for individual businesses depending on the unique risks associated with the industry type or location. However, a typical policy covers legal fees, costs, expenses, hospital treatment for the injured, including ambulance costs, medicines, etc., besides covering the cost of compensation in case of a legal claim.

A business without this insurance is more prone to financial hassles, which can interrupt or sometimes cease the business operations. In case of litigation, besides paying huge amounts towards compensation, they need to bear the legal expenses, hospital fees, etc. Above all, until the claim gets settled, the owner lacks mental peace.

No need to buy it separately: To have a liability insurance policy for your business, you can purchase it in two ways. One, you can buy a comprehensive liability policy, that includes all the possible liability risks (along with public liability) associated with your business. Second, you can purchase a public liability insurance policy, coupled with any other insurance policy, which you need the most.

Finally and most importantly, the effectiveness of the policy depends on the company from which you take the policy. There are many insurance companies offering public liability insurance. So, it is advised to approach a reputed brokerage firm, which can tailor the policy as per your needs and can arrange for a policy from a good insurance company.