Understanding The Different Kinds of Micro Piling

In the building industry, the kind of a structure or building you are constructing really determines the kind of a foundation that you will use. There are different kinds of piling foundations that one can consider based on the kind of soil where the structure is being erected as well as the purpose for which the structure is to be used. Normally one of the piling used is the micro piling system which is also referred to as mini piling.

Normally, the micro piling works just the same way as the other kinds of piling only that it is used in small scale projects or where small structures are in construction. They are however used to ensure that the foundation is in a position to support the weight of the structure or the building. The micro piles are driven into the ground from where the concrete is poured on top just the same way it is done in all other methods.

The mini piles are ideal for use in structures that are being extended and where the foundation is needed. They can also be used as a substitute in some situations where there are environmental concerns that need to be taken into consideration. they play a major role in situations where there is a tight access thus allowing for effective piling solution thus ensuring that all your constructions projects are taken into consideration and provides efficient and safer procedures.

The use of micro piling systems is ideal especially in areas where sustainable and green building standards require to be met. The use of these pilings is quickly gaining momentum in the construction of residential properties and it is expected that there shall be more usage in the future. This is in the consideration of the higher demand for residential houses as the population increases tremendously.

The micro piling system can be used with solid rigs and this makes them ideal for smaller constructions such as those that might be needed in some of those controlled markets. They are preferable environmentally due to their compact nature and therefore are used to enhance the sustainability of the buildings right from the laying of the foundation.

Normally, there are different types of micro pilings which are used in the construction industry. All of them are slightly different from each other and can be used based on the advice of the construction professionals. These include the following:

  • Drop weight mini piling: – this is normally used in areas where there is limited space to work with. The system can be ideal for projects where there is only some inadequate headroom such as in housing developments.
  • Grundomat driven micro piling: – normally, this system is used in areas where there is difficult access and disruption and noise are supposed to be kept low. It can serve well in house extensions.
  • Bored case mini piling: – the use of this kind of piling is common and has many benefits. This helps much in the reduction of vibrations something that is required in many sites.

The kind of micro piling to be used in any given project will differ greatly from the other depending with what is being built and the environment.