Understanding Landscaping

Many people may be familiar with the concept of landscaping, yet they may not have an actual definition or conceptualization for landscaping. There are day to day activities as well as elaborate plans that may take minutes or years to finalize. Whether people are intellectually aware of what these changes are comprised of or not, many people are to some extent very aware of landscaping. Essentially, landscaping is a process that refers to any type of modification done to an area of land. As such, landscaping refers to a number of different activities, but there are some fields that individuals are more familiar with than others. Hobbies and occupations can allow an individual to work in the area of landscaping.

For example, many people enjoy gardening, which is in and of itself a type of landscaping. Planting new flowers, trees, shrubs or bushes, creating an area specifically for flora, this is a hobby but it can transcend such a label to become nothing short of true art. The living elements are utilized in order to create an aesthetically appealing environment on the area of land. Natural elements can also be used to shape the land. Some of these elements include water bodies, the shaping of the terrain or the elevation of land. By manipulating these features and attributes, the layout and appearance of a tract of land can differ substantially.

Occupations are also forged in the areas of landscaping. Some people are able to make their living by taking part in these activities. Included in these occupations are golf course superintendents, baseball park, football stadium and other sporting arena planners and yard maintenance individuals. Sometimes these tasks are necessary and other times they are simply done to maintain an area so that it keeps the particular look desired. In other cases, individuals may purposely want to completely remodel an area of land, so that the landscaping practices need to be used in order to change the environment.

Still, landscaping is not just done for beauty and looks. There are often many landscaping practices that are utilized because of the necessity that surrounds these actions. When community planners sit down to design a town, village, city area, park or other community land tracts, they are designing the landscape of the area. In these instances, this often includes fences, buildings, sidewalks, paths, sculptures and parking lots, but can also go on to include bridges, roadways and other accessories of transportation and modern living.

Individuals can work on landscaping projects either from the start of an areas conception or over time in order to update or re-vive an area. This is interesting because by changing specific aspects of an area, the tone of the area can be completely altered. Whether a person needs to or wants to create or recreate an area of land, they can do so using different practices, including common gardening hobby trends or mechanical instruments used for deep and extensive changes, all of which are referred to as landscaping tactics.

By: Christine Lyons
Edited By: Bruce A. Tucker