Understanding How Depression Treatment Works

Pop a few pills. Take a couple of vitamins. Then just sit back and wait to feel much better than ever before. That’s how depression treatment works, right?


Though many people are hoping for a “quick fix” depression treatment, it simply doesn’t exist. All antidepressants, whether homeopathic or pharmaceutical, take time to work. Unfortunately, people suffering depression symptoms don’t realize this and instead throw out depression treatments before they’ve had the opportunity to really make a lasting effect.

Take folic acid, for instance. This wonder depression treatment has been known to make a significant impact for those who experience mild-to-moderate depression symptoms. However, it isn’t a matter of taking it once and then expecting those depression symptoms to evaporate.

Folic acid will work for most individuals, but the results will be somewhat gradual. Though you might feel an initial spark of relief (especially if you’ve been seeking a natural antidepressant), folic acid needs time to have an effect on your neural pathways, and so upon the major depression symptoms themselves. Like a construction project, your neural nets need to be very intricately “recharged”, rebuilt, and, in a very real way, healed. This is a true depression treatment; quicker fixes than this can often bring more harm than good.

“But I want to feel better now!” you might shout. Though that’s perfectly understandable, especially given the nature of depression and how it can take a toll on you mentally, physically, and socially, it’s important to exercise some patience. In the case of folic acid, it may take a few weeks for you to see noticeable improvements in your depression symptoms. Though that sounds like “forever”, it’s really not.

However, in our rushed society of “get it now, fix it fast” expectations, many persons suffering depression symptoms simply give up on homeopathic antidepressants before they have the opportunity to actually work. Rather than having a pragmatic approach to depression treatment, individuals (or the loved ones of patients suffering from depression) expect miracles.

Though there are absolutely “miracle” cures in terms of holistic ways to help your body reach a healthy balance without introducing harsh chemicals and toxins into your bloodstream, nothing works within 24 hours. And it would actually be harmful for your body if it did! After all, your depression didn’t just sprout up overnight; it took time to develop. Therefore, you’ll want your depression treatment to be just as systematic in attacking all the depression symptoms rather than flooding your body and changing its make-up in a few hours.

Is it tough to wait for natural antidepressants like vitamin B12, folic acid, and vitamin D (among others) to work? Of course. However, if you really want to find a wholesome, natural depression treatment, you’ll need to accept that for your holistic antidepressants to really have an effect, they need to be in place for many weeks or months, not just a few days.