Understanding Depression

It’s normal to feel low or down at some point in a persons life. Depression however is a totally different matter, as it is an illness which affects the whole of a person, in other words the mood, thoughts and body. It influences everything from the way a person eats and sleeps to the way that they feel about themselves and think about things.

Depression or depressive disorder is very different from a simple feeling of being low. It is not a sign that a person has a weak character or a condition that can simply be wished away. People with this disorder can’t just snap out of it and feel brighter. When someone has depressive disorder and they do not look for suitable treatment, their symptoms can last for weeks, months, or sometimes even years. Obtaining the appropriate treatment for depressive disorder can help most of the people who suffer from depression.

Depression symptoms can be different from individual to individual and can also depend on the severity of their depression. Depression will affect a persons thinking, behavior, feeling, and physical health.

* Affects in Thinking

When it comes to thinking, a person could have problems with focus and decision making. Other people may find that they have problems with their short term memory and seem to forget things all the time. Depression is mainly characterized by feeling pessimistic, feeling guilty, thinking negative thoughts, self-criticism and low self-esteem. When a person’s depression is more severe, they may experience self destructive thoughts.

* Affects in Feelings

An individual might have feelings of sadness for no reason and might even find they no longer enjoy the things that they once enjoyed doing the most. It is quite common to become apathetic, lack motivation, feel tired or slowed down all the time and even have trouble controlling their temper.

* Affects in Behavior

When a person is feeling depressed, the negative emotions that they feel can cause them to act more indifferent, it is also likely that a person may withdraw from the social circles they usually inhabit as they feel uncomfortable being around other people. A person’s appearance and hygiene may suffer in cases of extreme depression. The lack of motivation in a person with depression affects their productivity at work and responsibilities at home and as a result these areas are neglected, they may even have trouble getting out of bed.

* Affects in Physical Health

It is common that a person with depression suffers with chronic fatigue and even excessive sleeping whilst others may be unable to sleep or not sleep very well. Those unable to sleep may just lay awake for hours or wake up a lot of times during the night whilst the people that over sleep can spend all day asleep and still feel tired. A lot of people with depression suffer from a loss of appetite, complain of aches and pains and feel lethargic or slowed down whilst others may feel restless and unable to sit still.

Depression is found in a person if they show these symptoms for at least several weeks, but it is not a good idea to diagnose yourself, so seeking the help of an expert as soon as possible is highly recommended. Depression is treatable so getting a proper diagnosis and treatment is imperative.