understanding Ambition

Ambition is one of the globally admired personality traits that someone could have. Ambitious guys are usually perceived to be more attractive by girls since they provide them with a sense of a secure future. Ambition can also bring you lots of friends and fans because of the continuous amazement people feel as they see your progress in life.
However, ambition can sometimes be rooted to self doubts and self image concerns rather than being rooted to deeper goals that are aimed in helping you to fulfill your mission in life.

When ambition goes wrong
Sometimes people become ambitious just to prove to themselves that they can achieve a certain goal. Although this is not bad at all still it reflects some of the self doubts that this person is experiencing.

Sometimes something worse happens which is when the ambition source becomes the desire to please others or to prove to others that you can do something rather than being rooted to your real goals or agenda. Again this is not bad at all but still It shows that you are obsessed by the way others perceive you.

in both cases the aim is not achieving the goal nor doing the task but its just that the person wants to prove to someone that he can do something successfully and that he is capable of doing it.

Real Ambition
The best type of ambition is when the ambition source becomes the desire to reach a big goal or to fulfill your life purpose. Aiming for something big for the sake of making a big change is the best type of ambition that you can have because its not rooted to self doubts nor its rooted to concerns about your image in front of others.

Finally, ambition is always something good even if it was sourced from one of the sources mentioned above. WhatÂ’s important is understanding the real drive behind your ambition so that you know whether you are in the right direction or whether you are just trying to prove something to others.