Ultimate Graduate Jobs

For students who are on the verge of graduation, the first worry about postgraduate life is where they will work. While some advance on for graduate studies or have jobs lined up because of internships, many students in the United Kingdom are uncertain about their professional futures. The common perception for graduates is that they have to take a job they don’t like, that doesn’t pay well, or that doesn’t fit in with their long term professional plans. However, graduates should not be afraid to aim higher and really look for a great job after graduation. Through Quanta Consultancy Services’ proven recruitment and training program, graduates can find their dream job straight out of university.

Some of the best graduate jobs out there are available through Quanta’s long list of employers. One of the biggest growth areas in the United Kingdom is in the information technology industry, especially in consultation with companies in the defense, marketing, telecommunications, and financial sector. There is a wide range of jobs in IT for graduates with computer and technical skills, including support analyst, tester, and service desk agent. From those entry level positions, graduates can succeed financially and professionally right out of college. New professionals who want to make the most of their professional experience can take Quanta sponsored professional development programs under their QuantaSensus suite.

While many college students don’t have the extensive education needed to take on an IT job, there are plenty of other positions through Quanta that can lead to greater things. Quanta has quite a few openings with marketing firms for those who want to help market their favorite products. As well, those who communicate well, have a neat appearance, and want to work hard can easily fit into a customer service representative position. Graduates who want to work their way up to the top of the financial industry can start out with a bank clerk position, which gives them an overview of different bank services.

The greatest trepidation on the part of graduates going into their first professional position is whether they can translate academic success into job success. Quanta works with all of their recruits from day one to ensure that their considerable potential is turned into tangible professional success. Quanta offers the opportunity for graduates to take an initial training session and then choose whether to continue with more extensive training or select particular courses for their own professional needs. At Quanta, graduates can find the ultimate jobs after their university career that translate their education into professional success.