Ucla Law School

UCLA Law School: A Tradition of Innovation

Generally treated as the best law school in Southern California, the UCLA Law School is actually among the top fifteen best law schools in the United States. It actually is the youngest top law school in the United States. Although it is the youngest, it shares a trait commonly associated by many people with age: tradition. Yes, the UCLA Law School actually has a tradition despite the fact that it has only been in existence for 55 years.

The UCLA Law School holds a tradition of innovation. It is not bound by “the way things were”. The UCLA Law School is focused on how “the way things could be”. For example, while many people were debating about the discrepancy between the study of law and the practice of it, the UCLA Law School was already at work removing that discrepancy. The clinics of the UCLA Law School were among the first to teach students how theoretical lessons could be applied in real life. The started bridging the gap between law student and lawyer.

The UCLA Law School tradition of innovation does not end there. Today, the UCLA Law School continues to bridge gaps. It has pioneered the process of bridging the gap between research and practice. Many professors want to study the effects that laws created inside closed rooms have on the society. However, they may not be equipped to handle the data properly. Because of this, the UCLA Law School has created and Empirical Research Group. This group handles the data gathered by the school and then interprets them in a way that can be understood by the people.

We all know what think tanks are, right? If you don’t, a think tank is a place where great minds can gather to formulate great ideas. In this day and age, think tanks have been very valuable in creating policies and improving human knowledge as a whole. It is in this spirit that the UCLA Law School runs the ERG, the Environmental Law Center and the Williams Project on Sexual Orientation Law. These three institutions combine great minds in order to give birth to great ideas for the use of mankind.

Having one of the most diverse faculties in the country gives the UCLA Law School a critical edge in improving education. The diverse faculty means that they will be able to understand the different backgrounds of different students. As such, they can tailor the curriculum according to the needs of each student. Different instructors will be able to relate to the student body in different ways.

Getting into the UCLA Law School requires you to submit the following:

1) Application form – The UCLA Law School actually gives you two options for submission of application. You may submit an application form through the mail or you could choose to complete an online application form available through the UCLA Law School website.

2) The LSAT – You need to have taken the Law School Admission test to see if you have the abilities needed to succeed in the UCLA Law School. You need to study hard for this test.

3) Personal statement – Your personal statement should include any information which you feel would affect your performance in the UCLA Law School.

4) Current Resume

5) Letters of Recommendation.

These are just some of the requirements to apply for the UCLA Law School. To find out more, go online and check out their website.

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