Tyranny Terror and Moral Relativism – America’s Shifting Battlefronts

Now America must fight terrorism with equal determination and skill as it once did against rising tyrannies. Unwittingly, America may be losing to an equally serious enemy right on her own home field. Pop culture, liberal trends and moral relativism are becoming the norm for millions each year and the trend may be out-pacing any and all previous threats to our future.

The battle against tyranny began when America began. The first dangerous journeys across the pond to the new land were part of the battle. The Boston tea party, the Revolutionary War and the forming of the constitution were the first volleys cast against tyranny.

Looking beyond some Americans thought that the will of the majority could become oppressive and thus produced the Bill of Rights to guard against the “tyranny of the “majority.”

Still afraid that some popular president might through consolidation of power shatter the separation of powers and dissolve the need to vote, America produced the 22nd amendment. After President Roosevelt was elected for the fourth time and died in office, the country made the changes on March 31, 1947 to limit presidents to only two consecutive four year terms. Americans don’t even want a “benevolent dictator.”

If report cards or progress reports could be issued to the powers that be in America it would seem the founders and those who rose shortly after them were and may always be at the top of the class in any generation past or yet to come.

Battles against Nazism, socialism, communism, the stock market crash, the dust bowl and some controversial wars kept us busy for decades and then the unforeseen emergence of terrorism sprang up at our back door and knocked us off balance for a brief moment.

It is too soon and nearly impossible to say all that has been done to attack and defeat terrorism in one article. It will also be impossible to make any reasonable assessment for years to come because this looks like a long run for America by anyone’s estimation. Al Queda, the Taliban and similar terrorist groups have been seriously curtailed and dealt a number of counter blows. This battle is just getting underway and results to date are looking good.

A third great battle has already begun. The warnings of seers, statesmen, prophets, preachers, sages, scholars, and reasonable men of every background and calling are in agreement that it is pulling the nation down to its knees. More people are turning a deaf ear and their numbers are growing exponentially day by day. In fact, they are empowered by their growing numbers. A perfect example of this trend was seen recently on the O’Reilly Factor.

Bill O’Reilly was questioning Presidential candidate Chris Dodd (D) from Connecticut about his affiliation with the infamous far left blog “Daily Kos.” On the August 2, 2007 broadcast of the Factor, O’Reilly said the pictures of President Bush posted on the Kos were tasteless and “vile.”

When asked how Dodd could associate or accept the pictures without protest, his reply sounded like something teenagers would blurt out to their parents to justify some reprehensible behavior they were found taking part in. In a sort of “but everybody’s doing it” kind of reply Dodd said no less than four times that 500,000 people were logging on to the Kos everyday.

Dodd seemed bolstered if not totally enamored by the shear numbers of blog respondents that visited the Kos, but that didn’t keep O’Reilly from saying what millions of Americans were thinking, it is still “vile.”

The only remaining defense Dodd raised was that he thought O’Reilly was being dishonest. He said that what Bill really didn’t like was the sites ideology. It is hard to believe that Presidential hopeful Christopher Dodd thought that was something Bill or anyone else should be ashamed about.

The foul language, vitriol and bellicose ranting of the Kos are only veneer to the whacked out liberal rantings that can be found on that site. If Sen. Dodd’s accusation that O’Reilly’s real motive is that he doesn’t like the Vos ideology it would seem that we should wait until resurrection day and make sure that we search out the top Nazi’s and Leninists and make an apology for disliking their ideologies.

Hiding in a screaming mob of frenzied lynch men is hardly an excuse for bad taste, bad politics and reckless statesmanship. If the whole country should click on the Kos tonight it would do little to alleviate the vileness of the obviously altered photo.

When liberalism’s bloggers dip to the level of using altered photos to make a point, what has happened is their “argument has committed suicide.” This is a phrase I am borrowing from an outstanding writer, Mr. Gregory Kouki. But from any source this truth is obvious.

It is not the philosopher, the theologian or the moralist that holds us responsible for the sliding away of morality in this nation. The definition of moral relativism needs only to stand by itself to accuse or warn.

Moral relativism is the inability to see any moral absolutes outside of cultural parameters or the personal preferences of an individual. If it seems right to you, then it is right. It is all a matter of arbitrary personal subjectivity and need not answer to anyone other than the individual or cultural group. If enough people say it is OK, then it is redeemed by the crowd.

Moral relativism spawns an entire family in short notice. Far left liberalism, situation ethics, neo-morality and a million lesser known but equally prurient cancers have collegiality with moral relativism.

The one thing they all have in common is they must give God his walking papers and anything that resembles morality must follow suit. Leveling the ground to the lowest common denominator, moral relativism must not only get God out but it must insist that no one is right. Each person’s views are as valuable as another’s and if no one is wrong, then who dares to be right, including God.

No society has ever succeeded with this and all nations that tried it met their end in confusion and decay. To the moral relativist even history has little bearing. Although in their heightened state of intellectual self indulgence few of them would sink to using hackneyed and seemingly childish retorts, but for them it is the only shoe that fits. They are all indirectly saying the same thing, “don’t confuse me with the facts” from history or any other source.

New kids on moral relativism’s block are political correctness and the much touted quest for “tolerance.” Once again PC and tolerance require a level playing field to work. The best way not to have to answer to what is right is to insist that no one is wrong. In its extreme what always results is that with time the crowd that insists there is a right and a wrong must be silenced, ridiculed, argued against and eventually eliminated.

The American brand of moral relativism has a clandestine nature because it can sneak in under the guise of constitutional freedoms. It betrays its own nature by using the feigned motive of liberty to gain its foothold but it always ends in the destruction and demise of both individuals and whole nations.

This writer has always been amazed that Satan who the Bible refers to as the ruler of the “cosmos” or the “world system of evil” is not just a deceiver but he is the “arch deceiver.” Unknown to all but the most faithful and well versed in the Bible is the fact that Satan doesn’t really care how evil anyone becomes. He does care how “blind” they are. Not seeing any truth is good enough. He has won if he has successfully “pulled the wool” over their eyes.

His top deception is now and will always be singular. If he causes men to think that they are the captains of their own souls and personal destinies, he has won. Removal of accountability is his chief goal, other than that he doesn’t give a hoot what you believe. Pick any religion, culture, philosophy or cruise along in your own self satisfaction. Moral relativism is part of the “Broad Way” Christ spoke about in Matthew 7:13 AMP. “…for wide is the gate and spacious and broad is the way that leads away to destruction, and many are those who are entering through it.”

America’s battle against moral relativism is far more important than any we have ever fought. Knowing it is impossible for scoffers and unbelievers to see the connection between a nation’s moral behavior and its own demise changes nothing. Unrecognized truth is not truth halted. The immutable laws of reciprocation and the very warning of Gods word are impossible to escape. Following comfortably behind moral relativisms’ crowd still comes under “There is a way that seemeth right unto a man, but the end thereof are the ways of death.” Pr. 16:25