Types of Sunrooms

Sunrooms Can Take On Many Forms
Bringing a little outdoors inside and vice versa is a fantastic way to add some room onto a home or even brighten up an existing room. Sunrooms are a great way to go no matter the room and they can be quite useable no matter the climate or time of year, depending on the style that’s chosen.

Sunrooms themselves can take on many different forms and can range from simple adds on to a home, building off an outside wall, or even involve the alteration of part of a wall of an interior room. Kitchens, for example, can become sunrooms when back walls are replaced with towering windows that give the appearance of outside coming in.

The basic forms of sunrooms include:

* Screened in porch. This form of sunroom is a great starter, although the protection from the elements is not what it could be in a glassed-in room. These can serve as great “starters” for eventual full window sunrooms since the foundation and exterior walls can be expanded upon later.
* Full glass enclosures. These sun rooms can come in a number of shapes and sizes. The roofs can be elaborate, cathedral in design, or they can be simplistic. The only thing that really limits the creation is the homeowner’s budget and desires. The advantages of these are many in that weatherproofed glass enclosures can offer year-round use and rooms can be as casual or as formal as desired.
* Conversion rooms. Whether it’s a kitchen that needs some light or a living room that could benefit from a call of nature, transforming exterior walls by replacing them with sunroom windows can give a whole home a new look and feel. As it is with well made glass sunrooms, the windows provide year round protection from the elements and add a touch of class while still offering full utilitarian purpose.

Whether they’re full-sized additions to a home or old rooms that are converted, a sunroom can make a real difference in a home. Additions provide extra space while giving a family a place to relax and conversions can seriously enhance the appearance of any room.

Depending on the design a homeowner goes with, a sunroom can serve as a casual location or an elaborate place to entertain. The uses are limited by imagination only and with the right outdoor landscaping, a sense of natural wonder can be brought indoors as well.