Types of Sunroom Walls

Walls Can Make A Difference In A Sunroom
Depending on the kind of sunroom a homeowner is shooting for, walls can become very important. If the right materials are chosen, the room can serve as a full-fledged add on to a home during all kinds of weather. If the wrong materials are chosen and year-round use is desired, the utility bills might just go through roof or furnishings must suffer from the elements.

With this in mind, before choosing any materials for a sunroom, it’s a good idea to determine what the actual use of the room will be. If a year-round room is desired, specialized, insulating materials should be chosen. If the room’s just meant for use during spring and summer months, less expensive materials might do the trick just perfectly.

Although technically most sunroom walls are made primarily of glass or screen, a supporting structure must be in place. For our purposes, these supporting structure materials are our walls. The most common materials used for sunrooms include:

* Vinyl and/or PVC: This works as a good insulator and is relatively inexpensive. This wall structure will generally have some type of stronger support material inside, such as aluminum or steel.
* Aluminum: While stronger than PVC or vinyl on its own, this makes a lousy insulator. Aluminum alone should not be used on a sunroom that’s meant for year round use. This is especially so if heating or cooling of the room is anticipated. The bills could climb way too high.
* Clad: This material is kind of a hybrid that has the energy savings of wood and the ease of maintenance of vinyl. It’s a little more expensive than some other options.
* Wood: This is provides a fair amount of insulation and is a mainstay in typical screen porches. The downfall here is the maintenance and the fact that wood rots. It generally doesn’t stand the test of time like some other materials, but it looks good. If careful maintenance is put into play, wood can be a smart choice.

Building a sunroom is a big decision. Whether it’s a small addition or a very involved glass structure, the investment is serious. Make sure you know what you want to use the room for and take care in choosing the right materials to make that happen. If you’re unsure of what’s needed for your desired use, rely on your contractor’s expertise. Those who specialize in sunroom construction know what it takes to make a solid year-round room or a simple seasonal one.