Types of Hair Conditioners

No great hairstyle will be truly great unless the hair it’s been worked on is in good shape, too. Here’s where conditioners can really help make or break a look. Although fixing a lifetime worth of damage can’t be done in a day, conditioners can really help on the road to recovery and assist even those with healthy hair keep it that way.

Not all conditioners, however, are alike. People with different hair types will require different kinds of conditioners and those with special circumstances such as hair treatments might just need a special product to create the best results.

In general, there are a few different basic types of conditioners. These include:

Moisturizers: This type of conditioner has humectants in it. These are compounds that are masters at attracting and holding moisture. This is great for those with a tendency to have dry hair.

Reconstructors: This class of conditioner is meant to help strengthen the hair. The product works by penetrating the hair shaft and adding strength in the process.

Acidifiers: This hair product is great for those with fine hair or dry hair. This type of product conditions the hair while also creating a bouncy, shiny look with some elasticity included.

Detanglers: Most of these are actually acidifiers. They work by closing off the cuticle to help stop tangles. Some products also protect the hair shaft in the process. This is an important product for those with a tangle problem to consider. Brushing or combing through the mess can create more damage, which can lead to more tangles down the road. Also, don’t forget to keep the hair trimmed properly to avoid tangling issues.

Thermal protectors: This type of conditioner is vital for those who use heat styling. Whether it’s blow drying, hot irons or curlers, these implements can cause damage. Thermal protectors spare the hair from the bulk of the damage styling can dole out.

Glossers or shiners: Not really conditioning, conditioners, these help give the hair a shiny look after styling. They are great in helping with frizz problems, too. This is an ideal product in spray form to add on after a style’s been completed to give off an even healthier appearance.

Oils: Those with dry or chemical treated hair will need products that help add oil back into the hair system. Products designed for dry hair are generally oil-based to do just this.

Finding the right conditioner will depend a lot on the hair type involved. But, when a good product is chosen, the end result can be healthy, shiny hair that works well for all types of styles.

Source: https://positivearticles.com