Types Of Computer Training

Types of computer training

Do you know of someone who seems to understand computer far better than the rest? They are called computer savvy and surely, you know that they receive the highest pay because of the value they give to the company they work for.

I do not know with you but for me I want to be computer savvy and get that high paying job in my company. If you are like me, then both of us will learn and therefore move forward knowing there are various types of computer trainings we can take to meet our goal.

Computer trainings available

– One-on-one computer training
– Onsite computer training
– Classroom computer training
– On-line computer training
– Module or software specific computer training

Choose the computer training that will be advantageous for you. I will discuss each of them and you decide from there which computer training you will undertake.

One-on-one computer training

Depending on your need, one-on-one computer training has the flexibility. You may request the training institution to structure a training program based on what you need.

In one-on-one computer training, you have the full attention of your teacher. You will therefore be able to ask all your questions to get deeper understanding of your course.

Onsite computer training

This will be either module specific and sponsored by your company or a module specially prepared for your need.

The flexibility of this computer training is the location and the computer setup. This is because your teacher will go to your workplace or your home and teach your computer programs right on your computer. There are differences in setup of your computer as against the computer in the training facility, thus you be able to work well enough training right into the computer you will work on a regular basis.

Classroom training

Your computer training school will have a course structure based on the general learning curve of all the students. If you happen to be a slow learner, you will benefit from the experience and the knowledge of all your co-students. However, this is a disadvantage for fast learners because they will need to wait for the slower learner. The structure may be too general to get as much benefit especially for those students who are already working.

Online computer training

This is the most flexible computer training ever. This is because you will be able to train at any time, at any day and at any schedule you may wish. However, this is disadvantageous for those who do not have the discipline to make sure they train one or two hours a day.

Stress can get in the way of your computer training and thus discipline is important especially for those who need the training immediately to meet their goal.

Module or software specific computer training

This is the most common computer training requirement of companies and even individuals.
Training on Excel, PowerPoint and other software needed by the company may be what are required. Most companies sponsor these training right on their facilities. You will be trained during off-peak hours or after normal working hours.

There are various types of computer trainings available; you only need to make sure that you seriously take these computer trainings to give you an added advantage in the modern times.

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