Types and Advantages of Different TV Brackets

TV brackets have many advantages than just saving space of the living room. The viewing angle of the TV set can be changed without much hassle, thus enhancing the viewing experience. Moreover, a stylish looking TV bracket can be used as a decorative item to enhance the impression of the living room. There are different types of TV brackets available in the market to serve different purposes of the consumers. Each one of them has their own advantages. However, it is important to choose a TV bracket, which best suits your purpose.

Different types of TV brackets and their advantages
The following are a list of different types of TV brackets and their respective advantages. This will help you to choose the right TV bracket that suits you the best.

• Flush TV Wall Mounts: Flush TV brackets or wall mounts are the best choice for people who just want to mount their TV set on the wall fixedly. This is also the simplest way to set the TV to the wall without much hassle. Most flush TV brackets can rigidly hold the TV less than an inch from the wall. Another advantage of flush TV brackets is that they can hold any size of TV set, securely to the wall. This is not possible in the case of many other moveable brackets.

• Tilting TV Wall Mounts: Tilting TV brackets are ideal for people who want to mount their TV on a wall with a limited flexibility in changing the viewing angle. This is mostly used in home installations where TV sets are mounted at higher altitudes from the place of watching. Most TV brackets have approximately 3-inch mounting distance from the wall and are a little thicker in depth compared to Flush TV brackets.

• Swivel & Tilt TV Wall Mounts: Swivel & Tilt TV brackets make an ideal combination with smaller LCD TV sets up to 32 inch in size. These wall brackets can be tilted up and down to 15 degrees and can be rotated by 360 degrees. Thus, this TV bracket provides maximum access to the user in terms of changing the viewing angle of the TV. These can also be expanded up to 20 inches away from the wall or folded back – closer to the wall.

• Cantilever Arm TV Wall Mounts: Cantilever TV brackets are popular choice for both home and commercial purposes. These brackets are flexible to support all sizes of television sets. Thus, it is easy for TV owners, to select a TV bracket of their choice. Its capability to hold even larger size TV sets makes it an ideal choice for businesses. And the best part of these brackets is that all these advantages are clutter-free in terms of appearance and hassle-free in terms of installation.

• Ceiling TV Wall Mounts: Hanging or ceiling TV wall mounts are just like tilt-TV wall mounts, but are fixed on ceilings. These TV brackets are an ideal solution for businesses, like supermarkets, where walls are not ultimate places to mount TV sets. Since, these brackets keep TV sets out of touching distance, they also fit perfectly for leisure centers or clubs.

Since the TV brackets are going to hold expensive LCDs or Plasma TVs, it is crucial to avoid going for cheap ones. This may put those fragile electronic devices at stake. There are dealers who can provide TV brackets with maximum guarantee at affordable rates.