Two Pillars For Great And Simple Life

Over the last few years I’ve spoken to a number of people who want to know ‘what life is all about’.

A decade or more ago I had my own questions on this subject. Since then I have listened too and read the theories of people who seemed wise enough.

Funnily enough I think one of the wisest comments on the subject came from Woody Allen, He said, ‘I’m astounded by people who want to know the universe when it’s hard enough to find your way around Chinatown.’

Allen’s quote simplifies it for me. We can spend too long looking at the big picture and forget about the smaller picture – our own life.

Our own life is where most of can make the most difference. Sometimes though it’s knowing where to start.

I’ve become a great believer in people gaining personal clarity. In my opinion, clarity is the number one issue we need to resolve before taking on anything.

I know some people argue for an easier flowing attitude that allows – and at times I’d agree this can have huge benefits – However, too much ‘what-ever will be, will be,’ will mean the ship will just drift. The result being, never building much that’s worthwhile.

Again and again, in coaching sessions I see clients pulling together the lose strands of opportunity and developing them with clarity into something that can make a change, both in their life, their communities and in some cases further a field.

When we understand the first pillar – clarity – the second pillar fits easily into place. Let me explain why.

In business if we know we need customers, but don’t know whether to sell massage or reiki and have a perception that what we offer is for everyone, then we’ll have a hard time attracting enough custom to pay your bills.

If however we decide what we most want to do is find massage customers, then define the section of the population that have a need for our service, we have not just found clarity, but the meaning to pursue a significant number of people who could help us provide a service they need. This is much more fruitful that the what-ever will be.

If we feel fed up with life and think that more TV or a holiday in sun is the answer, we’ll struggle to find what we need. If however, we read, go on workshops and speak with other seekers, we’ll turn the inspirational thought – that there must be more in life – into a reality.

So while the first pillar is clarity, the second is meaning. Clarity hones in. Meaning, creates the drive. Here’s an example of how I put everything in this newsletter into something that works.

When I have a flash of inspiration, I let it settle. I play with the idea in my mind and explore it.

When I began coaching people, I knew I could coach on many things, I advertised all kinds of things to everyone and found a few clients, but never quite enough.

Then I considered where I bring the most hope and inspiration to people and the type of people that seem to seek me out most often.

What I decided was that people who find me are most often open-minded people who want to establish their own business. They’ve identified that something holds them back – anything from lack of confidence to cash – and they want my expertise to unlock them from this spell they don’t seem to be able to break.

In life, years ago, I knew I wanted to create something better. At first I didn’t know what that was and I read hundreds of books, went on all kinds of workshops and met many people, until it became clearer to me what I wanted my life to be about.

Having decided what I wanted, I had the meaning to engage other people into my dreams. Where our dreams matched, magic happened, and still does.

You’ll find some useful tips below…

1. Understand it’s okay to drift sometimes.

2. Keep a keen eye out for moments of inspiration that can shape your future reality

3. As things take shape, start to work out how you can help the process, create clarity.

4. Write your clarity down. Make it 1-2 sentences.

5. With clarity meaning will follow and you’ll find like-minded people easier to engage on your mission.

Love and good wishes