Twisting Back Into Health

Yoga as a Chinese Medicine

Yoga is considered an exercise that helps with strength, cardiovascular and weight loss in the Western world. In ancient Chinese medicine, however, Yoga was also used as a practice in order to cultivate health. Anyone interested in Yoga, or practising the discipline will recognize that the health related to Yoga also provides nourishment for a better balance towards health.

Balancing the flow of energy that is happening in one’s body is the philosophy that forms the basis of Chinese medicine. The incorporation of this medicine doesn’t just include the balance of the body; it also includes the relationships of the mind and the spirit that relate to the body. All are considered to be intertwined and when the energy flow of one area is off, it changes the energy flow of the entire system.

Yoga as a form of exercise was used as a method to help with healing and balance in life, and can be considered one of the ways to use Chinese medicine. The practice of Yoga, while it can help to treat ailments, is recognized more often as a way to prevent disease and imbalance. By practicing Yoga, one can keep their health on all levels.

Yoga enables you to do this through the opening of the various points in the body with the practice. Chakras, or points in the body that help with energy flow is directly linked to every Yoga move. Yoga helps to open these chakras, and keep them open. By doing this, one is able to increase their energy and begin to stay in better health. Yoga is especially known for helping with problems such as insomnia, and in the functioning of internal organs.

In all branches of Yoga, the ultimate goal is to reach a constant state of perfect consciousness and can be a way of increasing one’s spiritual awareness, Yoga is known to help increase energy as well as clear blocks that may be in your system and if you want a straightforward alternative to healing, as a practice it can help. Your energy will begin to increase and flow over time allowing you to stay in the best of health without the unnatural twists.