Twelve Tips For Writing A FSBO Ad

How To Write A FSBO Ad

Who knows you have a house for sale? You need to advertise. You need to write an ad for your For Sale by Owner house but you don’t know what to say. We know how you feel. We’ve felt that way many times and what we’ve found are a dozen tips to help you breeze through the ad writing dilemma.

We’ve been there and it’s tough:

• You’ve got a great house. • You’ve staged it for the market. • You’ve priced it just right. • No one knows about it. The Twelve Ad Writing Tips Are:

1. Know Your Target Market

You need to know who to target in order to write an effective ad. Buyers are your target market. Target buyers who are represented by an agent and those who choose to buy with no representation. Target buyers who are moving into your area. These buyers will pick up local newspapers and thrifty ad magazines to look for houses. You need to advertise in both types of publications.

Buyers look for:

• Location • Price • Terms • Features • Benefits

2. Create A Killer Headline For Your Ad

Grab the buyer’s attention. Select the best feature or benefit your house has to offer. Use it as your headline.

Is your house:

• Beachfront? • Mountain view? • Lake front? • Priced under appraisal? • Are you offering owner financing? • Is it zoned for horses? • Close to open space? Get the idea? Select the best feature or benefit for your headline. Limit the headline to eight words or less.

3. If You Want A Call – Don’t Tell It All

Give buyers just enough information to grab and hold their attention. Remember. Your ad is a teaser not the entire movie. The buyer will lose interest if you tell them everything in a long ad; there’ll be no reason for the them to call.

4. What Are The Best Four Or Five Features?

• What attracted you to this house? • Why did you buy this house? • What’s your favorite feature? Tell the buyer about these features. Then list four or five benefits. Why would they buy this house rather than one down the block? Sell them on benefits and features. List features and benefits in short compact sentences. You pay for ad space by the word.

5. Create Desire

Create desire by using feature and benefit lists. Avoid trite phrasing and long descriptive dialogue. Flowing dialogue does not create desire. It does create boredom. It can actually drive the buyer away. Crisp clear sentences are the best

6. A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words

Use as many photos as your ad budget will allow. Photos grab attention far better than words. Phrases tell – Photos sell.

7. The Buyer Must Be Reeled In by Your Ad

Create a headline that grabs their attention; one that holds their interest and stimulates desire.

To do that:

• Emphasize your features and benefits. • Compose your entire ad in short concise sentences. • Use photos. • Ask the buyer to call. • Urge them to take action. • Create a sense of urgency.

8. Use Action Phrases

Use phrases that suggest:

• Your price is only valid for limited time. • A quick closing – Quick possession • An open house only this weekend. • They shouldn’t miss this opportunity • Take action. Call today. • The Asking price is less than the appraised value. Urge buyers to take action.

9. Get The Most Exposure For Your Advertising Dollar

Internet space is cheaper than classified advertising and has real potential to reach several hundred times the number of buyers a hard copy ad will reach. Search on line to find sites that specialize in advertising FSBO houses. Online advertising is supplemental advertising; it does not eliminate the need to advertise in newspapers and thrifty magazines,

10. Give Buyers Lots Of Ways To Contact You

• List a phone number or two • Give a cell phone number • Give an email address • Give a fax number

Make yourself available to answer calls. You’d be amazed at the number of For Sale by Owners who run ads and then are not available to take calls. Respond promptly to all inquiries.

Do Not have a voice message recorded by your children. People will hang up. While the house is on the market the voice message must be an adult

11. You Should Always include:

• Your asking price.

• The number of baths. • The number of garage spaces. • The lot or acreage size. You want to eliminate calls from unqualified buyers. If a buyer needs a four-bedroom house and yours is a two-bedroom; do yourself a favor, eliminate unnecessary calls by listing pertinent information in your ad.

12. Summary Points

Your ad should contain three key points which say to the buyer: • Here’s what it is.

• Here’s what it can do for you.

• Here’s the action you need to take.


• For sale by owner ads offer you exposure to hundreds of buyers. • Your ad will help you sell faster. • Take advantage-run an ad today.

Copyright (c) 2007 Wee Dilts