Turquoise Beads Amongst the Favourites for Jewelry

Turquoise beads date back to the time of Egyptian rulers. The Indians and pioneers also used to make jewelry out of turquoise. It is amongst the oldest gemstones. But it is still extremely popular today.

Turquoise is found among gold and copper and yields a brilliant blue or green color. This color is unique from any other and can only be described as ?turquoise.? This color comes from groundwater trickling through copper and aluminum. Over millions of years, this leaves a deposit and the deposit is what makes up turquoise. If copper makes up most of this mix, the turquoise will have a bluer color. If aluminum is dominant, the color will be closer to green.

Turquoise is very fashionable and can be worn with just about anything, whether it is casual or formal wear. Turquoise becomes a very personal stone as it takes on the personality of the person wearing it.

Turquoise beads are associated with health, safety and good luck. In many cultures, turquoise beads are given to the sick to help heal them and turquoise was once worn by warriors to keep them from falling off their horses in battle. Because turquoise is still thought of as a symbol of good luck, many people still wear this gem today when flying or pursuing other ventures they deem risky. Turquoise is also a sign of close personal relationships. It represents loyalty and is a symbol of friendship. Turquoise is also believed to promote spontaneity in romance and stimulates romantic love and opens the heart for giving and receiving. It is also thought that it brings peace to a home.

Today the bright, cheery color of turquoise is thought to help fight against depression as it is a highly spiritual stone and brings peace of mind. Turquoise also has many other healing properties. It neutralizes over-acidity, and also helps rheumatism. It?s said to help with gout, stomach problems, as well as viral infections. It also helps with pain and relaxes cramps as it contains anti-inflammatory and detoxifying properties.

With its dazzling beauty and natural healing properties, it?s not hard to see why the turquoise gemstone has been so popular in ancient times while remaining just as popular today.