Turn The Attic Into A Bathroom

Turn The Attic Into A Bathroom

Have you ever had a problem when there are not enough bathrooms in your own home? The solution of course will be to construct another one. So why not turn the attic into a bathroom?

Turning the attic into a bathroom or any other living space requires planning. The key to making this happen is coming up with the perfect design that will allow you to maximize every square foot of this place.

You can’t have a bathroom without a shower. Since there are so many to choose from, you should go for the wet room style shower to increase the sense of space. Make sure you consult with a good supplier on the showerhead and tiles who can give good advice to make the room feel spacious and light.

If you want to put a bathtub there, make sure the structure in the bottom can handle the weight. These same goes for your vanity table and toilet by supporting the walls and floor. For those using wood, replace the old 2×4’s or 2×6’s with 2×8’s. If this is not possible, add more of the old ones to support it.

Homeowners who are using wood for the renovated attic must apply oil to protect this against water. You can even use the same material for the flooring since there are variants that are engineered for use in the bathroom.

This can then be painted with specially formulated bathroom paint with a plastic base that is also water resistant so it can easily be wiped down.

For sloping walls, you can easily make use of that by installing shelves which can be used to store your towels and other linen.

As for electricity and plumbing, make sure this is connected to the nearest possible source. This will ensure that your heater is working when the weather is cold outside and there is light.

The bathroom will also require a ventilation fan. Without one, you will notice that the room looks foggy, molds will grow in between the grouts, paint will peel off the walls and your towels will be damp. To avoid this from happening, you should choose the right fan based on the size of the room and also the one that produces the less noise so you won’t get any complaints from the neighbors.

Another thing you have to work on is better access to the renovated attic. This should be bigger or wider whichever is necessary and there must be anti-slip pads on the staircase so no one will get into an accident after coming out of the shower.

Before you can turn your attic into a bathroom, make sure you get all the right permits from the mayor’s office. If you don’t have the skill to make this happen, hire a contractor who has been doing this for a very long time and has the reputation to do the job.

Once you have these details in order, it is just a matter of time before you will see a big difference in your home and no one will no longer have a problem whenever they need to use the bathroom. Since renovating is still an expense and you need cash for the project, why don’t you hold a garage sale and use the proceeds to partially pay for the construction costs?

Source: https://positivearticles.com