Trying New Linen in 2013

It’s a new year, a breath of fresh air and a time for change for many of us. Resolutions are just beginning and people are feeling positive about the year ahead. All the over-indulgence of the festive period is now a thing of the past and we’ve turned a corner.

Even though the weather is still a little wintery and it’s too premature to do a spring clean as of yet; you can always begin 2013 with a change of hotel décor items, and where better to start than your linen?

The Colour and the Shape:

Many hotel owners replace their linen, but when they do they usually buy the same product ranges, in the same sizes and colour etc. So, why not change your linen style, shape and colour and usher in 2013 with a bright and attractive set of bedding and linen for your hotel guests?

There’s something wonderful about new materials and new linen. The sumptuous feel of new fabrics on your skin, whether they are soft bed sheets or a flush bathrobe, is something many of us cherish. In this New Year, your guests deserve the best night’s sleep possible.

Of course, we’re not advising you to jump straight in. Why not take a little time out and check out the new catalogue on offer from your bedding and linen supplier? Why go for the same linen when there are all sorts of new and exciting options out there for you to choose from?

A New Year:

A New Year deserves a change, so why not broaden your horizons and see what else is out there. From pillows and pillowcases, to bed toppers and duvet covers; there are all sorts of exciting styles and fashions out there that can really lift your room in ways you didn’t expect. Sticking with the same tried and tested formula may seem fine, but how do you know what else is out there until you take a look?

Choosing new linen can be part of a larger change. You could consider redecorating the public areas in the hotel, as well as the bedrooms. A new coat of paint, some soft furnishings and some new bed line can really give you a feeling of a truly fresh start to the New Year. It’s also a nice side project that you can be in control of and make your own completely. Why not make it unique, why not make it yours?

Your guests may not spend the majority of their time in the bedrooms, but it does make a lasting impression. So of course, you want it to be comfortable, cosy and reflect your taste. By being truly creative, open to suggestion and taking some time; you can create the bedroom of your dreams.

So, why not make changes, make some new decisions and try something new for 2013?