Truths Which Aid Forgiveness

Some truths which will help us forgive others are (some are based on various spiritual beliefs or Christian concepts which might not be acceptable to you or the subject):

1. All happens according to a divine plan which brings me exactly what I need at every stage of my evolutionary process in order to learn the next lesson.

2. Others are simply actors in my life drama, the script of which I write daily.

3. Others are the hands of the divine showing me the direction in which I must go.

4. All are souls in evolution, who act negatively out of ignorance and fear.

5. Forgiving does not mean saying that what the other did was right, it simply means that I forgive his ignorance and weakness as a fellow soul in the evolutionary process.

6. Forgiving does not make me vulnerable. Still needing something (security, affirmation, love ) from the other makes us vulnerable. Forgiving and loving without needing any thing from the other is my real protection.

7. I am the sole creator of my reality. I abuse others when I hold them responsible for what I create.

8. I have the power to create my life and need not hide behind excuses that I cannot because of something which others have done or are doing.

9. As souls in the process of evolution we all make many mistakes. This is natural. What is unnatural is not forgiving ourselves and others for these mistakes.

10. The other is a divine creation. Although he may not realize it, the divine is functioning through him. Not forgiving him, is to not forgive the divine.

11. We create as much pain in the world when we feel hurt as when we hurt.

And the words of Christ

12. “Let he who has not sinned, throw the first stone.”

13. “Judge not, that you be not Judged.”

14. “You will be judged with the strictness with which you have judged.”

15. Peter asked Christ, “How many times should we forgive someone for what he has done, seven times?” Christ answered, ” No Peter, Seven times seventy times.”

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