Truths Set You Free

One morning, I woke up and my first thought was to begin to write definitions. Feeling inspired, I went to the computer and the words flowed from my fingers. When I read the truths, I realized that the insights came from my heart, my work with clients, my intuition, and my own inner healing journey.

Therefore, I recognize that these definitions are subjective. You, as the reader, may have a different opinion. I encourage you to add, or edit what feels right to you. However, I do advise you to keep the definitions all positive. In other words, say what the truth is instead of what it is not.

I also suggest that if you create your own truths, make them specific, and let them help you clarify your beliefs, feel good to you, and inspire you to experience more success and happiness in your life. The more conscious you are of what you are thinking, the more you will be able to create the life you desire. You deserve a wonderful life. Go for it!

1. ABUNDANCE is allowing myself to have all that I desire and all the goodness that life offers me.

2. ACCEPTANCE is a precious gift I give to myself and others.

3. ADDICTIONS are anything I do in excess in an attempt to run away from or numb my pain.

4. AGGRESSION is angrily demanding what I want.

5. ANGER is covering up underlying feelings of fear, hurt, or powerlessness.

6. ASSERTION is asking unconditionally for what I want.

7. BALANCE is taking the time to work, play and be quiet.

8. BEAUTY is what I can choose to see in everything and everyone, including me.

9. BEHAVIOR is an outward expression of what I am thinking and feeling.

10. BODIES are to be nurtured and cared for as temples of our souls.

11. CARING is kind words, thoughts and actions.

12. CHILDREN are individuals who need to follow their own unique paths.

13. COMMITMENT is an agreement that I intend to fulfill and to communicate if I choose to change.

14. COMMUNICATION is sharing my thoughts and feelings unconditionally.

15. COMPASSION is an acceptance and appreciation of a thought, feeling, or experience in another or myself.

16. CONFLICT occurs when there is non-acceptance of another’s perceptions.

17. CONFUSION is felt when two or more parts of me are telling me opposite things.

18. CONTROL or manipulation is what I may do when I am scared.

19. COURAGE is doing something even though it is scary.

20. DECISIONS are best made from my intuition, my inner wisdom.

21. DISAPPOINTMENT is what I feel when I think people, or events should be different.

22. DOUBTS are what I feel when I do not trust others or myself.

23. EMOTIONS are determined by my positive or negative thoughts.

24. EXCITEMENT is doing what I love.

25. EXPERIENCES depend on how I perceive them.

26. FAITH is trusting and believing in myself, others, and a higher source.

27. FEAR is often based on the mistaken belief that I am not okay.

28. FLOWING is effortlessly doing what appears to be working.

29. FORGIVENESS is important for me to do for others and myself.

30. FREEDOM is seeing my choices and acting on them.