Trusting God As You Continue To Act In Spirit

To be in-spired is to be in-spirit. We are all here to do the work of spirit or our higher selves which is the aspect of ourselves that is one with God. When we do work that is inspired, it is easy and effortless. When we connect with the movement and purpose of spirit, the things we do become a flow. It is only when we try to create apart from spirit that we feel stuck and experience a lot of friction. In order to do work that is inspired, we have to trust that God and the universe is taking care of everything else.

Sometimes when we seek to do only what our heart desires to do, we are afraid that we would fail because of all the other things that need to be taken cared of. We feel that we need to do those things as well, that we need to control everything that is related to the work in order to succeed. But yet many of those things are not what we really wish to do. We feel that if we do those things, then it will take us away from doing our main work. We end up giving less of our best gifts because we are diverted.

When you do something you are not inspired to do, you do not enjoy it and it makes you unhappy. When you are trying to do things or make things happen, you are not trusting God and the universe to take care of those things. The truth is that you do not have to do everything that relates to your work, because God has only called you to do your part which is the portion that you most enjoy doing. The rest is meant to be taken cared of by him through other people and other sources that he has created for.

You do not have to do everything when it comes to your own work. You only need to do the portion which you are most inspired to do, and which you truly desire and enjoy doing. Sure you might want to see as much results as you can, but you should only do the things that you are inspired to do to produce those results. When you do things you do not truly enjoy or desire to do for the sake of producing results from your work, then you are forcing results rather than allowing the universe to bring them.

All you have to do is to open yourself to what you are most guided to do in the moment. Everything you need for the creation and the success of the work will show up because you are doing the right thing at the right time. You don’t have to strive for ideas and results like the rest of the world, because when you follow spirit the ideas and the results are already there for you to receive, to act on and to experience in divine order and divine timing. It is also a more enjoyable way to live life than any other way.

There are times though when you are not experiencing the results that you think you should be getting. You start to doubt if you are truly doing the work the universe has called you to do because it doesn’t seem to be supporting you in creating the results. You start to think that you have to do those other things you do not truly enjoy to make those results happen. But the truth is, the universe has chosen you to create that which you are most inspired to create at that particular time irregardless of results.

The results you are expecting are probably meant to come at a different timing or in a different form. Real faith is when you decide to fully trust in your heart rather than your mind, by choosing to stick with doing what you are most inspired to do at every given moment. It is willing to bet in your belief to the end that even if the results that you are expecting never ever happens, you would still continue doing what you truly love to do. The result of inspired work will always come in divine order and divine timing.

When you see things are not happening the way you thought they should happen or that the results are not showing up the way you expected them to, then it’s time to reset your expectations so that you are following spirit rather than ego. As long as you are doing what you are inspired to do, the things that you truly enjoy, doing what makes you happy, then you’re doing the right thing. You do not have to worry about anything else and trying to push for results apart from divine order and divine timing.

You can’t do inspired work when you are experiencing lack of peace. You experience lack of peace when you are doubting. You are doubting because you are not fully certain about how God or the universe works. You are experiencing a conflict of what your heart is telling you and what the world is telling you. It is misalignment with truth that causes lack of peace. You can allow the limitations of your circumstances to deter you from expressing what your heart truly desires or you can express it anyway.

The only way to be truly happy in life is to trust and obey your heart, which is the voice of spirit. So take the leap of faith and go for where your heart is directing you to go, and see the miracles that show up in impossible and unthinkable ways. God and the universe will support you when you do his work. Even if it means you’re just barely getting by at the beginning, your needs will be taken cared of. Success will come in divine timing. When you do what God wants you to do, you will be happy and fulfilled.