TRUST Your Great Ideas, TRUST Yourself

Ever have a great idea to be followed quickly by the rise of an internal debating society? Your great idea becomes shouted down with lots of “whys” you should rethink it and lots of “shoulds” about what to do instead.

This can happen in a moment and it can go on for hours, days, weeks, months and sometimes years. That sweet initial inspiration and clarity is lost to indecision or a path that is not your own. And the initial joy can turn anywhere from wistfulness to low-grade discontent to misery.

The reason for the turn away from a great idea is a lack of trust, primarily in yourself and in the Divine. Trusting yourself and trusting the Divine go hand in hand. It is becoming common wisdom that we are one with the Great Creator. If you believe that you are one with and trust the Divine, trusting yourself – your true self – comes naturally.

Staying on the path of a great idea is simple – trust yourself. Trust your gut and move with your inner knowing. In practical terms this means firing the debating society and aligning your attention, energy and actions with your idea.

The truth is that as soon as we have a great idea, dream or desire its completion is already present and the way begins to unfold. This is spiritual law.

“What if I’m not in the habit of trusting myself?” you might ask? Ultimately it will be important to explore coming to trust and believe that you are one with the Divine. If you don’t already, I invite you to be willing to trust and believe.

Then practice trusting yourself. There are things you can practice to move you down the sweet and rich path of trusting yourself. Here are two practices:

I. First thought, best thought!

I heard Kendall Summerhawk make this pithy statement that contains great wisdom. These words have reverberated within me since. This phrase was also used by Allen Ginsburg to describe spontaneous writing as a way of “telling the truth” that arises naturally from within.

Your great idea often comes as a “first thought.” It comes uncensored in the middle of the night; while you are on the road or taking a morning walk; immediately upon asking a question; or while journaling.

The first thought appears before doubting, nay saying or compulsive thoughts and habitual responses rush onto the scene to distract you.

“First thought, best thought” is a great mantra to begin attuning yourself to the wisdom, energy and truth of the statement itself. Practice repeating it.

The core practice is to notice the “first thought” when it appears and make note of it. Then remind yourself, “First thought, best thought.”

II. Drop Down!

This means consciously dropping your attention from your head down into your body. When we are living in our heads we are run by compulsive and habitual thinking that leaves us distracted, disconnected and dissatisfied.

“Mr. Duffy lived a short distance from his body” is an amusing line in a short story by James Joyce that speaks volumes on the experience of living in our heads.

Repeat the words “drop down” to yourself. Like a mantra they are imbued with energy and wisdom that take you to body awareness.

When we “drop down” into our bodies we tap into the life force flowing within us. The feeling is one of aliveness.

When we drop down we have access to our inner being, its knowing and wisdom. We feel centered, alive and present. And we can begin to ground and energize our ideas.

In the practice of dropping down we come to know the self that can be trusted.

“Dropping down” itself is an act of trust.

When You Have a Great Idea…

When you have a great idea, write it down, remember “first thought best thought” and “drop down.” Envision yourself in the full manifestation of your idea and live from there. Take each next inspired action as it is revealed and create a flexible plan. And fully enjoy the rich and alive process…

Step into Your Greatness…
Trust Your Great Ideas and Trust Yourself!