Truly Special

Kevin’s picture made me so emotional that I sat in my car and cried. On the back of the picture, Kevin had written, “Madeline, thank you so much for everything. I could have never done it without you. You are truly special.”

Kevin was one of the clients who attended my Tuesday evening cycling class on a regular basis. He, along with my other participants in the cycling class, showed a significant improvement in the first month that they had been training with me. Their improvement was so significant that I challenged them to do the AIDS ride, a 330-mile bike ride from North Carolina to Washington, DC. I wanted them to realize they were not just losing weight, but they were learning skills that would help them achieve the biggest physical challenge they could imagine.

Kevin, along with the rest of my clients, was hesitant to accept the challenge. They knew this challenge would require time for training, fundraising, and tremendous focus. Many would have to buy a bike, and all had to commit to fundraising a minimum of $1900. Those who registered for the ride spent many miles in the saddle, unlike the others whom stopped coming to class and stopped working out. The dedicated group gave up happy hours so that they could workout with me in the mornings and again in the evenings. They sacrificed a lot of their social life so that they would be rested for long bike rides every Saturday morning. While they sacrificed a lot for this goal, what they gained was insurmountable. They learned that fitness is not just about looking good, but it is about feeling good. They realized that they are capable of biking across several states and that their friends, families, and colleagues cared enough to donate money to the cause.

We did the ride as a team and they inspired me so much that I have started training all of my clients to take on greater challenges, which has helped them focus and stay committed to fitness as a lifestyle. My clients have run marathons, biathlons, triathlons, Fittreked 30 miles, and competed in adventure races because I have proved to them that no mountain is too high and that anything they put their mind to is possible. By focusing on the goals, my clients have lost weight, decreased body fat, increased muscle mass, and have increased their confidence levels significantly. They have learned that fitness is a lifestyle that is enjoyable and being in shape means feeling great.

Copyright (c) 2007 Steven E