Truck’s Pollen Filter: How To Replace It?

Fresh external air passes through the cabin filter before entering the blower when the heat or the air conditioning system is switched on. This traps harmful pollen, gunk, and other particles and not releases them inside the vehicle. Due to this, the air is cleared from the majority of these harmful components thus making the internal air more breathable and healthy. So you are sure that you won’t catch an allergy or infection due to the particles that are found in the air.

Due to the dust particles that get captured within, these vehicular purifiers also become dirty like all other air purifiers. In the process, this component loses its performance and effectiveness in providing clean breathable air to the passengers. The quality becomes very annoying when you like to use the air conditioning or the heating system. Don’t overlook it because if you don’t take care of it in time you simply increase the possibility of damaging the vehicle’s blower motor leading to expensive repairs.

Location of these parts varies according to the design of different models. Either the hood at the bottom of the windshield or inside the vehicle on the rear side of the glove compartment is the most locations for these parts. If face any difficulty, take help from the manufacturer’s instruction manual to find these. You could also find detailed steps required to replace these cabin filters. Along with these you have to consider your vehicle’s requirements to make a right judgment. You will need to make more frequent replacements if you frequently take your vehicle on dirt and gravel roads in comparison to an owner who primarily uses his or her truck on the highways.

Replacing the engine air filters is different from replacing the cabin filters. However, you need to be more attentive while checking for the latter replacement. You should closely examine cabin filters to check if replacement is necessary because these primarily capture very minute dust and other particles. Replace these with new filters if these parts are found to be very dirty or discolored.

Many car owners want to remove, clean, and refit the filter. But it is not advisable because the compressed air opens up the fibers of the component, which renders it useless in trapping dust and other harmful particles. Change and replace the filter if it loses its color.
The filters after being used for a while become dirty and clogged with dust and other particles which reduce the quality of the air flowing inside the vehicle thus resulting in the fan circulation getting affected. This could make the windows misty and difficult to have a clear vision. This could be very dangerous sometimes.

How to Replace the Filter?

  • Empty the glove compartment and find the dampener on the external side to replace your truck’s pollen filter.
  • Unhook the dampener and lower the box slowly. Push the tabs of the filter compartment.
  • Release the same while pulling it with your hands.
  • Remove the old one and insert the new filter within the compartment tray.
  • Push the corners of the component to secure it tightly.
  • Reinsert the tray on its mount and lock it.
  • Push the glove compartment.
  • Reconnect the dampener and close the box.
  • Moreover, you need to refer to the instruction manual to verify the one that works for the particular model you own.