Truck’s ECM Unit & Factors That Could Damage It

The US government has brought about strict laws for the computerization of cars and heavy duty trucks to stop pollution that are caused by cars and trucks and made an attempt to save the planet. Without applying strict regulations for controlling pollution of the environment, it will be difficult to save the planet from destruction. ECM (Electronic Control Module) is the way that is used to control the pollution.

The ECM works as the power control module for your car and heavy duty truck engines. It is the mechanical transmission control for buses, trucks, coaches, and heavy machinery computerized controllers.

ECM works like a black box, noting the data and the behavior of how the truck works. The device tracks and records all the changes and readings of the truck. It is attached to all the cables and gadgets the truck has. Its responsibility is to keep a check if there is some problem or fault in the truck. It also calculates the speed of the vehicle and this data that helps investigators find the cause of any accident. Here are a few important functions,

  • ECM records everything, count the total number of kilometers, the vehicle has covered in a given span of time
  • Note the total number of the RPMs
  • Keep a check on various other aspects like the usage and the condition of the seat belts, the efficiency of the air-bags, transmission and others
  • Whether big or small, heavy duty transportation and efficient handling of mechanical equipments is important for the success of all types of commercial businesses. Without having a delivery service operating efficiently, you will lose money and this will cost you several hundred extra dollars in manufacturing, leasing fees, revenue etc. However, buying a new ECM may cost you as much as five thousand dollars.

    You may consider buying a used ECM unit. However, you have to ensure that it meets you requirements and parameters. Keep in mind that buying a used unit does not help you identify the specific problem rather this makes it difficult to avoid similar damages in the future.
    Followings are the factors that are responsible for the damage of the ECM,

  • Neglected injector(s) in the diesel engine
  • Fuel solenoid operation
  • Powering up or down
  • Lightning strikes
  • Engine idle sensors
  • The simple maintenance operations may damage the ECM if the units are mounted on top of the engine and exposed to the outer environment. It is important to change after three to five years of use as many models fail to function well after this time may be due to the breakdown of ECM’s internal components. These components must be repaired and fixed.