Truck Driving Job Safety

If one covets and eventuall gets a trucking job, the challenging part will be keeping it. This is because there is a high turnover rate in the trucking industry and there are many who are not able to stay far away from loved ones and family.

If the person doesn’t get homesick, here are some other tips that will keep the employee safe and alert on the road with the truck-driving job.

1. When the assignment is given, it is best to get a lot of rest in preparation for the long drive. People who are well rested perform better and get to the destination than those who don’t.

2. It is advisable for the trucker to have coffee or soda on board. These drinks have caffeine that has been known to make people hyper or mentally alert that is useful for a long drive.

3. The driver can play fast music on the road. Studies have shown this keeps people awake rather than playing something slow such as country or classical music that will eventually make a person sleep.

Some people prefer music from another genre as long as the individual can sing along with what is being played on board.

4. The individual can listen to other recordings when the road. This will surely make the person learn a few things even without actually sitting down and opening one since there are recorded versions from a novel to a self-help book.

5. There are a lot of drivers also traveling on the road. The people can talk to one another using the CB radio on board.

If the individual notices the one in front is already weaving or showing signs of fatigue, the person can either escort or advise the driver to stop and take a break.

New regulations set by the Department of Transportation allow the truckers to have a shorter break 10-hour off duty period before driving again. This means the person will only work 11 of the 14 hours. This is to prevent fatigue caused by long hauls.

6. People can also buy an alarm system that is set on the ear. This machine is powered using alkaline batteries and will not stop beeping until the head is set angle to a certain angle. This costs less than $20 and is available in some retail outlets.

7. Some drivers eat on the road. If it is difficult to serve food while keeping an eye on the road, the person should try using chewing gum. Studies have also shown that it keeps people awake even if the candy doesn’t have any caffeine content in the ingredients.

8. Another way to stay wake on the road will be to turn on the air-con to make it cold inside the truck or shutting this off and opening the window. Sometimes breathing fresh air outside is the only thing needed to let the tension go out and keep the person moving along.

Life as a trucker is not easy especially when most drive 10 hours or more during each haul. Since there is no one else in the vehicle but the driver on board, the person must follow the tips mentioned to be able to deliver the goods.

It will take some time for the first timer to adjust to this line of work and always a challenge for those who have been doing this for many years.