Truck Driving Job Listings

When hunting for a truck driving job, it pays to find the proper listings on the internet. There are a lot of on line directories out there, and you have to know which ones to frequently visit to get the most out of your time and find the most lucrative jobs. When going through a directory, look for the following things:

Extensive Listing – look for a job listing that a lot of different companies and truckers subscribe to. The greater the number of people on the site, the greater the number of jobs that will get posted on it. You may think that this also means you’ll have more competition for those jobs, but keep in mind that a job directory with a lot of patrons means that it’s most likely reliable and secure. Going to a site with fewer people visiting it may cut down on the competition you’ll face for those jobs, but also increases the likelihood of getting a contract that will not be right for you.

Sortable Job Finder – if a directory has a lot of jobs on it, navigating the site to look for a proper job can be totally confusing. Make sure that the site you visit has a sorter for it’s job listings. If you can sort by location, qualifications, job type, and pay amount offered, you can narrow your options down to a manageable list.

Company Profiles – some job listings feature trucking company profiles. While not a direct job listing per se, these profiles can help you in those cases when you’re thinking of signing up with a registered corporation. The site’s profile gives you the lowdown on the stability, reputation, and capability of the company, so you can judge for yourself if they’re worth working for or not.

Job Forums – job posting forums are a nice bonus to normal job listings; here, drivers and contractors place ads for job openings they’re aware of, and you can pick and choose from the given jobs. The nice thing about a job forum is that other drivers on the forum can express their opinions and experiences regarding the various postings. This feedback from other drivers can give you advice from people who are in the same business you are, and who earned that knowledge the right way – through practical application.

Online Application – the average job directory will have contact information included in the details of each of their posts. The task of contacting the hiring party is left up to the driver. However, some of the more friendly job listing sites have webpages where you can apply online for a trucking job, and even leave your personal file on their database for potential employers to look over. If you find a site with this option, it never hurts to leave your resume just in case.

Training and Licensing Programs – most of the job listing directories will have certain qualifications for drivers and their rigs. Most of the higher paying jobs require drivers with Class A licensing and experience. In case you don’t meet the necessary qualifications for a job that you want, it helps to see if the job directory also has links to sites where you can take additional training to improve your chances of landing higher paying jobs.