Tried Fast Weight Loss Diets and Been Disappointed Here’s Why?

So your considering the possibility going on a fast weight loss diet? We have all felt this way at some time or another its just the way companies which sell weight loss pills and weight loss programs tell us it can be done.Perhaps you have been carrying a bit of extra weight for a few months now .Now finally you have said ‘enough is enough’ and now you want to work off that extra weight fast so you can squeeze in that your bikini for your vacation to hawaii this year.Whatever the reason, losing weight fast diet methods can be hard work.

It’s often the case that you will find yourself dealing with a very restrictive diet that is difficult to stick to, or other methods that just don’t work for you. You can avoid much of this, however, by making some simple lifestyle changes that incorporate more healthy activities into your daily routine.

The temptation is to try and lose the weight as quickly as possible and then get back to normal but this seldom works and any weight lossis generally not sustained for more than a few weeks.

I you are determind to try and lose weight very fast be prepared for the fact that this will involve a very restrictive change in diet and will be very hard to sustain for anything more than a few days.

A much more effective longer term solution is to make some basic but relatively easy changes to your life style and eating habits. Not only will this be much easier to stick at and a more effective way to lose 10 pounds or so but the weight you lose will have far more chance of staying off.

Commonly people just don’t manage on the very restrictive regimen of a fast weight loss diet and exercise routine. They find it won’t work in their daily routine and end up quitting very easily.

The best place to start in your attempt to lose 10 pounds is to look at things you do every day. First and foremost for most people is going to work. Many people live close enough to their employers to bike, but choose instead to drive.

By walking or biking to work you will be doing a lot of good to your body , helping the enviroment and your bank account as well which sounds good to me, don’t you agree? Try and find other little ways of making changes take the stairs instead of the elevator , or maybe stroll around the park at lunch or if your office has one nearby go for a quick swim at the pool after work or before work. These small adjustments to your daily routine can build up to have a significant effect cumulatively.

If you are a bit more energetic why not try playing some sport or other activity or even just go walking for half an hour after work and then when you get home treat yourself to a relaxing shower or bath if your schedule allows.

It’s much easier and more enjoyable to commit to going on a hike every weekend or playing tennis with a friend than it is to sit alone in gym: after all, there’s a reason they call it “work”ing out. I personally think the biggest problems with gyms are not that the machines are top ad great for working out but the fact that it is a solitary way of exercising and that get boring pretty quickly.

Changes to your life style are not that hard to make and you should find they will be much more effective longer term than a fast weight loss diet which you will not enjoy and quit very easily.