Tricking a Skateboard

For most skateboarders, they may know a few tricks when it comes to performing some interesting feats, or some may not even attempt due to certain attributes that would not allow them, like being too tall. But skateboard tricks have been a steady progress to bring an interesting feat that would challenge the skateboarder as well as capture the admiration of fans alike.

Tricks in skateboarding can be a strenuous, and may also be a dangerous experimentation to see if an idea would work. It pretty much relies on the determination of the skateboarder, and of course a bit of science involve since some tricks may not work the way they might see on sci-fi films, and the end result would be serious injury. Of course, skateboarding history still has a basis on how tricks work in modern times, and some of the best skateboarders have been known to add a little twist, thus renaming it a bit.

Freestyle tricks are considered as base tricks, which have been around for more than 30 years, are all about balancing on two wheels instead of four. From there, freestyle tricks are all about trial and basis, where maneuvering the board from this basic style would determine the difficulty and success of the trick.

Aerials have also been around since the late 70s, and the only to do them is through skateboarding in empty swimming pools, considered as the earliest known half-pipes. Some of the famous skaters like Tony Alva have invented aerial tricks that are still popular today in most skateboarding and extreme game competitions.

Flips are another variation of aerial tricks, this time relying on human strength and speed to achieve the maximum height and perform various tricks in midair. This is also known as a no-handed aerial move, and considered as the most popular style when it comes to difficulty and style in street skateboarding.

Slides and grinds are more of an accident in some ways, when it was around during the 90s when falling off the skateboard is considered a taboo. The object is to slide on any edge from stair rails, steps, or any smooth edged area by sliding on the truck or board of the skateboard. Considered as a property destroyer due to scraping, thus often performed without the presence of any authority.

And lip tricks is another form of grind, and would determine the vertical speed as it slides across the coping during a half-pipe maneuver.

There are varied styles of skateboarding tricks depending on the difficulty and style factor, but either way, it takes practice and care in order to perform more advanced stages of skateboarding tricks.