Treatments of Eczema ā€“ Heal Your Eczema Starting Today

Treatments of Eczema – If I were suddenly struck down with eczema after being clear of it for the last few years there is a certain treatment that I would put into place immediately in an effort to eliminate the eczema as soon as possible.

When I first followed this Treatments of Eczema, I was not aware of how it would effect me, whether it would truly cure me after suffering for so many years. But for me it worked a treat. It was very quick and effective. It could work just as well for you.

For some people it may take a bit longer than the two weeks I personally experienced but I know that it is amongst the best Treatments of Eczema I have tried. And I have tried hundreds and hundreds.

The beauty of this Treatment is that it is all natural. There are no side effects only benefits.

In fact, I experienced many benefits, most of which I was totally surprised about. But for me the most important aspect was that it cleared my eczema completely.

From the many Treatments of Eczema available this is the one I would follow:

#1 – The first thing I would do in my Treatments of Eczema is immediately introduce bean sprouts into my daily diet. IĀ’m talking about at least three cupfuls per day. Bean sprouts have an amazing effect on the body. They are full of elusive enzymes and will nourish, heal, calm and rejuvenate eczematous skin. There are many bean sprouts to choose from including Alfalfa and Mung beans.

#2 – Next, I would start drinking home made organic vegetable or fruit juices. When I started juicing on a regular basis I felt an immediate lift after each glass. A basic recipe might include carrot, cucumber, ginger, celery and spinach. It tastes yummy and is nutritionally good for you. It cleanse, rejuvenates and smooths.

#3 – The third plan of action would be to introduce more essential fatty acids into meals. EFAs hydrate the skin and work on every cell in your body. Foods that contain EFAs include Avocados, Virgin Olive Oil and Flax seeds.

#4 – Next, I would eliminate all dairy products from my kitchen. Totally. That includes eggs, cheese (which I love), milk, yoghurts and cream.

#5 – Finally, I would ensure that at least one meal per day, probably lunch or dinner, is at least 65% raw. It would be made up of lots and lots of fresh salads, fresh vegetable, and bean sprouts.

I love eating this way. I feel energetic, light, cleansed and very creative. It does wonders for your skin. You may immediately feel that the urge to continuously scratch disappears. It did for me.

If I had to start from the beginning in my pursuit to eliminate my eczema I would eliminate most Treatments of eczema and follow the fresh, organic, harmless method.

Some people can feel the difference in how they feel immediately like I did, but for others it may take a while. It will have a positive effect on your eczema and will make you feel so much more positive about your life and your future. Try it for at least one month and see.