Treatment for old age Arthritis

A considerable fraction of the people who have pains in the joints have them because of arthritis. The pains usually strike first in the outer joints like wrists, carpels, fingers on both sides or joints with a history of injury. If a patient completely lacks hand and wrist pain involvement, a diagnosis of rheumatoid arthritis is doubtful. Load bearing joints are also vulnerable. In the past arthritis was associated with old age in people’s minds and there was a tendency to suffer it stoically as inevitable. It is a serious disease, though, with a much reduced life span and a 27% mortality at ten years.

Acupunture – It is based on the theory that inserting hair-fine needles along certain energy lines can help stimulate energy flow. This can therefore help in reducing pain.
Alexander technique – It involves analyzing whole body patterns, rather then a certain part of the body which contains the symptom. It is designed to help us maneuver in a better way and eliminate tension to give a greater effect during old age.
Aromatherapy – It is a technique similar to that of massage. It involves the use of extracted oil from flowers, plants and trees, and using it in combination with massage, baths and steam inhalation.
Chiropractic therapy – It has long been used to give relief from symptoms of arthritis.
Homeopathy has its roots in history. Developed in the 18 century, itÂ’s a system of remedies based on the belief that taking tiny amount of natural substances to stimulate body own defenses against arthritis.
Osteopathy is a method to treat arthritis which includes the manipulation of the body to restore normal action and decrease pain.
Medicated sesame oil helps loosen stiff joints, clears toxins, nourishes tissues, relieves pain, counteracts the aging process, beautifies the skin, improves circulation, regenerates the nerves.
Stand erect, join your toes. The inner side of your knees must touch each other. If there is a gap of one or two fingers, be sure that the knee has been damaged.
One has to control his body weight. Then, one must take lots of water. Take more salads. Avoid fatty and starchy food.
People suffering from knee pain must not wear high heels. If the disease has not progressed much, removing synovial membrane or cleaning the joint through arthroscopy is enough to relieve pain.