Treating Depression: Why Do You Feel Blue?

Do you feel sad sometimes? It’s a fact that everyone feels sad from time to time. There are times for everybody when hopelessness takes place. Is this a sign of depression? Should you worry about it? Is there any way to fight this blue feeling and overcome sadness? Should you pay a visit to a doctor?

These are some of the questions you should be asking yourself if you notice any feelings of worthlessness or sadness in your every day life. But is this feeling of hopelessness a sign of depression or an early stage of a depressive state?

The answer is no.

Depression lasts. Depression messes up your entire life. It’s not just a feeling. It’s a chronic state. A disease. It can affect your thoughts, and your physique. It can cause severe sleeping problems. It can affect your appetite and cause various digestion problems. Depression will destroy your decision making abilities. There are cases where depression can cause suicide attempts.

There are thousands of people around the world suffering from severe depression and these people leave among you and me. Maybe someone next door suffers from this chronic disease.

In my humble opinion depression starts from an early age. In fact I think that everybody at some point in their lives, experience depressive feelings. There must be certain incidents or factors in a person’s life that can cause stress or anxiety. Maybe it’s the fear of rejection a lot of individuals suffer from or maybe its the pressure we feel in our every day lives.

Researchers keep coming up with different theories, conclusions and treatments. Most treatments involve strong medication (e.g. antidepressants), psychotherapy etc. Is this the solution to this severe problem? Can be depression treated with medication?

I think the most important factor is that many people do not even recognize they suffer from depression. And even worse the people surrounding them, their family, their friends or relatives cannot accept the fact that depression is a common disease and can happen to everybody. Even to their best friend, lover or relative.

Is depression a taboo? I think it is. I think many people will never admit someone close to them (e.g. their children) suffers from depression. They will try to hide the truth from others and themselves. Why? Because depression is related with various bad behaviors, suicidal tendencies, drug abuse etc.