Treat Yourself to a Colon Cleanse and Feel the Difference

Your digestive system health, various intestinal topics and the concept of a colon cleanse are not your normal, everyday dinner club or water cooler conversation topics. But as people begin to accept more personal responsibility for their overall health, and as natural treatment alternatives become more popular, discussions about the benefits of a colon cleanse are becoming more acceptable.

The colon refers to a six-foot long section of your large intestine. The colon’s job is to absorb water from the liquefied food that the large intestine receives from the small intestine. It also works to disintegrate waste, which is then eliminated from the body. The colon clearly plays a critical role in our digestive system, so you can begin to understand why a colon cleanse can have such a large positive impact on our overall health.

Our body is designed to function naturally for many, many decades. So why would something that seems so unnatural, like a colon cleanse, even be necessary in the first place? In case you hadn’t noticed, many of us are eating foods that are not naturally good for us. A diet that includes meat, dairy and processed foods means that we are taking in far more fat, refined sugar and preservatives than we were naturally designed to process.

Over time, a diet that includes the wrong foods will lead to a build-up of waste and bacteria on the walls of the colon. In an effort to protect itself from unhealthy foods, the colon produces mucus and sludge, which also accumulate on the colon’s walls. This build-up of waste and other putrid elements is a fertile breeding ground for parasites and leads to the release of toxins into the bloodstream. A colon cleanse works to remove this toxic buildup and restores your colon to naturally good health.

An accumulation of waste in your colon can possibly lead to serious side effects. Poor colon health has been linked to abdominal pain, bloating and the flu. More serious side effects include the growth of parasites, an increase in allergic reactions, declining cardiovascular health, and even the possibility of cancer.

You should be aware of the wide array of symptoms that could indicate your need for a colon cleanse. Hemorrhoids, muscle pain and stiff joints, lethargy and fatigue, bloating and loss of appetite, headaches and even bad breath could all be warning signs of deteriorating colon health.

If you’ve never experienced it before, you might be apprehensive about the prospect of a colon cleanse. You might find the whole subject so distasteful you’d rather ignore it completely. But if you ever try a colon cleanse and feel the difference it makes to your whole body, it will likely become a regular routine for you.

The benefits of a colon cleanse include improvements in your skin and reductions in your allergies. Most people find that it’s easier to lose weight after a colon cleanse because their digestive system is functioning more effectively. A colon cleanse will likely give a boost to your immune system by reducing the amount of toxins that your body is being forced to ward off.

When your colon is functioning at its peak, it will improve your overall health After you complete a colon cleanse, it’s a good idea to help your body maintain your colon’s health as much as possible. You can help keep your colon clean by reducing processed foods and increasing fiber intake in your diet.

You’ll probably want to make a colon cleanse a regular part of your personal health care routine. How often you repeat it will depend on your body and your personal lifestyle. Most doctors suggest that you perform a colon cleanse about once a year. There are several different methods you can use to accomplish a colon cleanse. Sometimes you may be required to fast. Others may prescribe certain natural supplements to be taken together with certain foods. One average, a colon cleanse will take about one week

But there’s no question that regular colon cleansing will naturally make you feel better all over. The health improvements that you gain are well worth thinking the unthinkable and doing the distasteful. You will soon consider a colon cleanse to be a natural, healthy habit. But please don’t tell me about it at the water cooler.